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Paramedic Experiences

Phil Smith, New South Wales, Australia
March 2000

During my 17 years as a paramedic working out of Sydney, Australia I've run across some unusual incidents. The most memorable of these follows :

I was working out of a station in the western suburbs of Sydney when my partner and I were called to a patient in the final stages of cancer. He turned out to be a firefighter aprox 35 years old. The patient unfortunately died en route to hospital. A tragic but not an unusual event in my line of work. The vehicle was disinfected resupplied and returned to duty. The next case was an emergency chest pains, we left the vehicle with our gear and activated the central locking. I then had to return for more equipment and found the ambulance with all doors wide open. Instantly I thought we had been broken into and robbed but on further exploration found nothing had been stolen. The vehicle was relocked and when we removed the patient from his house we found our vehicle again wide open as before.

During the course of this shift it happened 3 more times but coincidently only at emergency calls. The vehicle was then defected, but the mechanics could find no defect in the central locking, the locks themselves or the vehicle's electric system. The doors never opened by themselves again but there were other incidents with the vehicle; a sound as though a metal ball was dropped behind the drivers seat and a metallic rolling sound until it hit the rear doors. The presence always felt kindly and benign. It was as though our fireman hadn't quite finished helping others even though his earthly time had passed.

Thanks for your time.

Phil Smith, New South Wales, Australia
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