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Paranormal House

Anonymous, NSW, Australia
December 2010

I was at my Nans Farm in North Rothbury in NSW where I always loved to visit on my Holidays to go Rabbit Hunting and swimming, it was always fun. Some things were strange about the Old House 100 metres down the Paddock where my Pop used to live a long time ago.

I was just starting to unpack my stuff when I looked down at the Old House and saw these little things like fire embers floating in the air. I couldn't help myself but investigate. I slipped into my shoes, grabbed my flashlight and headed down to the site known as "Paranormal House". I was nervous but I still had the courage to hunt whatever was at the house. I took one step into the old wrecked house which was two stories high (which made it even worse) and I walked up the stairs.

I scouted around the house with my torch when I found a photograph of my Pop out the front of the house with my Nan. I looked at the photo closely. My eyes went as round as dinner plates. In the background of the photo there was a tall Black figure emerging out of a tree. I dropped the photo straight away and ran down stairs towards the door.

I was just on the last step when the door closed by itself. I was really scared now. I tried opening the door but it was undefeated, I tried squeezing through the small window. Still defeated. It was time for the last resort. I picked up a roof beam and smashed down the door. This time I won so I dropped the beam and ran. Of course I had to trip on a brick. I looked up...and there it was. The dark tall figure which I identified in the photo. I turned and grabbed the beam once again and looked up. The dark figure was gone...I picked myself up and ran out the door. I reached my Nans house but I didn't say anything about it because I knew she wouldn't believe me. All I know now is to never encounter Old Haunted Houses.

Anonymous, NSW, Australia
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