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Passing Through?

Tina, WA, USA
May 2000

This is an experience my husband had, maybe 6 or 7 years ago. (He doesn't have computer access, so I took the liberty of submitting it myself).

He lived with his widowed grandmother through most of his high school years. Several people in his family have had experiences with what they believed to be his grandfather, and his grandmother used to talk to him all the time shortly after he died. I'm not sure if this particular experience was with his grandfather...

He was in the upstairs bathroom, playing with the water in the sink, and making faces at his reflection in the drain cover (thats' the only thing I can think to call it). He had been at this for quite some time, pretty mindlessly, when in the reflection, he noticed something odd above him, looking down at his reflection.

He looked into the drain cover carefully to see what it actually was. He realized it was a face, possibly a man's face, and it was floating on the ceiling above him. He didn't want to look up, so he kept looking at the reflection, and he could see the face very clearly. The face continued to look at him as it floated by and out of sight.

He didn't even bother to look up, he just turned off the water, unlocked the door, and ran out of the bathroom and down the stairs as fast as he could. He doesn't remember seeing any sort of emotion in the face, that it was just some face. He doesn't think it was his grandfather; we both believe it may have been someone else's spirit, just passing on through.

I haven't had any experiences in that house myself, but I am always incredibly quick when I have to use that bathroom, and I never look at my reflection in the sink's drain cover when I wash my hands, *just* in case...

Tina, WA, USA
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