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Past Life In The Tower

Amber, OH, USA
April 2002

This is actually not my own experience, but my grandmother's. It's not exactly a ghost story but it's pretty spooky nonetheless.

My grandmother would often have a certain nightmare as a child. In it, she wore a long dress and was running up a circular flight of stone stairs. On the other side of the stone wall bordering these stairs was a huge chamber of some kind. Someone was chasing her, although she did not know who, and she knew this person would kill her if he/she caught her. So she ran up to a small room at the very top of the stairs, and ran to a window to call for help. She turned around, and quick as lightning, her pursuer killed her, and then she would wake up.

Some years after my grandma and grandpa were married, she described to him one night the room she had run up to in her dream. My grandfather, who is a skilled artist, drew the room on a pad of paper as she described it, and it looked very much like the room in her dream. Some years after that my grandparents went to England, and among the places they visited was the Tower of London. As soon as my grandma walked in there, she sensed something very strong. It all seemed very familiar to her. As she explored further into the building, she came upon a flight of stairs that looked just like the ones in her dream. She learned that the huge room on the other side of the stairs was actually a torture chamber! She climbed the stairs, and as she did so, she began to feel weak and dizzy, and sick to her stomach, with some weird sense of fearful knowledge. Yet she climbed on. My grandfather was with her, trying to calm her. Finally they reached the top of the stairs, and there, lo and behold, was the room she had been murdered in! My grandfather said in astonishment, "This room looks exactly like the picture I drew!"

My guess is that my grandmother in her past life was killed in the Tower of London while trying to escape from the torture chamber, or that her dream was actually what happened to one of her ancestors - a kind of genetic memory.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Amber, OH, USA
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