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Peach Shawl

Texas, USA
September 2000

Many years ago my parents separated for a brief time. My mother, my brother and I went to look for a place to stay. The only thing we could afford were the old houses. Finally my mom found one that was for rent. It was three stories high. We were going to rent the second flat of this very old dark house. I remember as we were walking up the stairs to sign the lease the owner fell down the winding stairs and had a heart attack. My mother told us to go up stairs. We entered a room with a bench, so we sat down. I remember it was very cold. Out of nowhere came a lady out of the closet. She had a white dress on and was somewhat pale. Her hair was in a huge bun, and she had a very new bright peach shawl on. She spoke to me and my brother and said don't worry this happens here alot! I remember my mother calling our names out loud. She finally found us. She says that all we would ask for is the lady with the peach shawl. We left , but we would never forget that day! That is because I still see that lady in my mirror sometimes. I am scared of mirrors. I will cover my dresser mirror with a sheet or there has to be light in my room. When I see her she stares at me. Of course no one believes me, but when I was 16 my mom wanted to get me over this fear, so we flew back to Michigan. They have turned this house into a historical mark in this small town. We went to the town library to find out the real background of this house. It use to belong to a wealthy ship captain in this town. His wife died while giving birth. My mom got very quiet, and as I looked at her she was looking at the only picture of the ship captain and his wife. There she was the lady me and my brother saw. She had the dress on and the shawl, although I couldn't tell the color of the shawl because it was in black and white.

Just so you know the last time I have seen her was July 13, 2000. Why does she come to me?

Texas, USA
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