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Pet Store Haunts

March 2004

When I was younger my mother decided to open a business. She wanted a exotic pet store. Well they looked for buildings in our town and finally found a beautiful three story house. My mom had to have it, plus it was pretty cheap. The only thing about it was, that it was and had been a funeral home for the past 100 years since it had been built.

My family and I weren't too scared, I mean we had seen lots of supernatural before. We signed the papers and as we moved in our belongings the funeral caskets and such were moving out at the same time. My mom and the funeral owner were talking and I walked up and my mom and I couldn't help but notice the guy was staring at me. My mom then took him aside and asked why he was looking at her thirteen year old daughter. He then told her that I looked identical to his daughter that had died when she was a little older than me. He said that if you put the two of us together you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

We then moved in and our pet store was on the second floor and since the house was huge, my family and I had a nice house on the third floor. Well while my family fixed the house up, I decided to stay with a friend. I ended up staying for two weeks, but enough was enough and we fought so I went home.

It was the first night I had ever slept there and I woke up to get some water. My mother, who's room was right across from mine saw me and noticed the pretty nightgown I had on and then she yelled for me not to go downstairs because I might fall in the dark. Well I then gave her a look from hell, went into my room and slammed the door full force. Mom, being a feisty one, marched across to yell at me, but when she came in there I was in a deep sleep and in boxers and T-shirt. The girl in the hallway wasn't me.

After that night it wasn't the last of the other me. She would call my sisters name at night from the basement asking her to come play. She also used to run up and down the stairs.

I never came face to face, but I saw a picture and yep it was me.The girl had died in a car accident at sixteen and since her parents had lived in the funeral home and which was also her home, she didn't want to leave.

When we finally moved out of there I went to my grandmas house up the hill and for some reason she followed. I ended up moving again, but I visit my grandma every summer, and she still haunts her house I can feel it.

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