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Photogenic Soul

Randy Chapman, Florida, USA
June 1998

I've only just started telling people about some of the experiences I've had with the paranormal, because when I used to tell my friends, they'd laugh at me...I haven't had any real direct encounter's, but enough to make me high strung in life and wonder if I have some hidden latent psychic connection to the spirit world.

Most of the stuff has only started happening in the past 2 years, after I played Ouija with a friend and his sister...I know, I know, that doesn't mean anything, but I've had omen crazy stuff happen to me since then..glowing eyes in the mirror once (scared the hell out of me), shadows with nothing casting them, sounds, etc...well, anyways I think I have/had a sort of transitional spirit on my hands. See if this sounds right or similar to what any of you've heard before:

About 2 years ago, I was in my high school painting class when my teacher showed me a picture another student from her photo class had taken at his was a vortex, I knew right away (I've always been interested in the paranormal, I don't know why, so I know what a spirit looks like). It was taken at his house, in his main hall...he proceeded to develop more pictures from his house, and they showed a vortex as well as orbs too. He said they've experienced funny things since they moved in....Well, shortly thereafter, weird things started happening in the darkroom. Things would be moved, film/paper wouldn't develop, or were developed full black, lights would be on when they were off when someone teacher said she heard someone groaning once, but she's kind of eccentric, so I don't really believe that. Did I forget to mention this one student tried taking pictures at his house again, and never got an orb or vortex again.

I always tried to avoid going into the darkroom, just because my eye sight isn't the greatest in the world, and I can barely see in the dark. Well, I was forced to go in towards the beginning of this year to get my friend (the same one I did Ouija with) and take him home. When we were about to leave, we couldn't open the turning darkroom door. We both tried pulling at the same time. OK here's where I start getting freaked out. I didn't dream that night. I could barely sleep (probably because the door experience had me frazzled.) I finally dozed off, still didn't dream, though. When I woke up, I was on the ground by my bed. This happens occasionally when I have a restless night. As I was getting up, I saw a book, "The Ghost Hunter" by Hands Holzer. I never knew I had it, apparently it was my brother's though, only thing is, I wasn't in his room. I started reading it, and got mesmerized by the stories. A few weeks later, I was chilling, watching some TV when my dad came over and said he needed to finish off the roll of film in the camera, so I picked up my old Siamese cat, named Holly, and took her outside to have my picture taken with her on our porch. Normally she likes going outside, but she was trying to jump out of my arms. We struggled, but managed to get 3 or 4 pictures taken and finish the roll of film off. The photos were developed. The first 2 were fine, Holly looked right into the camera, the last two though are my only ghost photographs. In the bottom left hand corners are a vortex, what's even weirder is Holly was looking EXACTLY AT THE VORTEX.

To finish the story, I have to say I'm a projectionist at a movie theater. The booth can be a lonely place, especially when its not very busy. You stay up there all the time, almost never come down, well, I can swear on more than one occasion that I saw movement, yet the only ones who had access to the projection booth were in the office when I ran down. I've also heard breathing, then looked around and see and hear nothing. Finally, I get the feeling I'm being watched all the time.

Since all this happened in and around September, things have calmed down. I occasionally hear an echo or something barely comprehensible in the background of my phone line and stereo. People still think the white thing in the corner is my dad's thumb, it's possible, but everything put together is more than coincidental. I also get the feeling I'm being watched at my computer a lot.

Is it possible this an example of a "free spirit" I've read about? Have you ever heard of a spirit transferring itself from location to location by people?, like hitching a ride? This probably doesn't sound too ghostly, but it sends shivers up my spine even typing it down

Also, I've started having dreams about being called to someone or someplace...does this sound common? for some reason, I really want to go to Portland Oregon..

Randy Chapman, Florida, USA
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