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Raffi, Cornwall, UK
September 2003

I would like to start my story by stating that I am a pagan and proudly so. You are free to contact me at the below address, I would like it if questions were genuine and not just junk. If you want to email me with your skepticism then don't, it will be deleted. Also, what I saw is 100% true.

I think it was mid February, I had just met my Boyfriend, now husband- to-be. We hadn't been going out long and I was round his house for the weekend. His dad was away and his sister was round her friends. We had the house to ourselves, (and so on and so forth).

After laughing till we wet ourselves everything was fine. We were lying down talking when he rolled over and blew a raspberry on my cheek. He then left to go to the toilet.

I sat up and put my hair up when I felt I was being watched. I looked over to the corner of the room and felt very strange. My boyfriend came back and all was forgotten. He started talking but I lost him as I could hear nothing. I glanced over to the side of the room again. It felt as if I was doing everything in slow motion. Then I could feel it, that thing standing by the bed. The soft bit of my throat felt as if it was being pushed in. Then I could see it. A black blob with red pinpoint eyes. I tucked my head in to Boyfriends arm. He thought I was trying to bite him and pulled me away.

I looked at him and he was smiling unaware of the thing. He started to go dull, then I could just see his outline, (he later conformed that the light did go dull and the room went cold). But I could also see the thing looking and could feel it laughing at us. Then it loomed over Gary, sitting up and pulling him down on top of me I screamed in a way I didn't know I was capable of doing. I let out a bloodcurdling 'No' before collapsing into a faint, Gary did not hear the scream, though I am convinced that I woke next door.

Gary was there holding me up shaking and crying when I came too. I told him I was alright and he murmured over and over, "You weren't breathing". I told him that we have to get out now. We left the room and called his Mum (a spiritualist). I took her upstairs so she could inspect the room. "Christ, I see what you mean" the air in there was thick and it was hard to breath.

Needless to say, we didn't sleep in that room that night.

Sorry if it was a bit long but I consider everything that I have written to be essential. Thank you for your time.

Raffi, Cornwall, UK
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