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Playful or Something Else

Angelique, MN, USA
December 2002

Iwas in the kitchen by myself. To my left was the sink. On the right side of the sink there's a counter, (of course). On that counter, next to the wall is a bread maker. On top of the bread maker are a pair of binoculars. About two inches above the binoculars are some cupboards.

I was watching some TV when I heard a loud thud behind me. My mom came into the kitchen about 10 minutes later. I told her that I thought something behind me fell, (I should mention that I'm ventilator dependent and quadriplegic, so I couldn't possibly look to see what the noise was for myself).
"Oh my god! How the hell did that happen?" My mom said.
"What?" I asked.
"The binoculars are behind your back left wheel."
These are heavy binoculars. There's absolutely no way they could have just fallen off of the bread maker. Even if they had somehow slipped off of it, (which couldn't have happened since they were on the towel that was covering the bread maker, so they couldn't have slipped), they would've landed on the counter. Instead they landed on the floor behind me. That was a distance of at least six feet, at an angle! Like I said, they're heavy binoculars, and I was the only one in the room when they took flight.

I'd bet everyone has had something like this happen at some time. You put something down, look away, look back at where you just put whatever, and it's gone. You start looking all over for it. Frustration starts getting its claws into you. After searching all over for whatever, getting angrier by the second, you turn around and see whatever it was you were looking for. In the same place you put it before it "disappeared". Questioning if you missed seeing it during your frantic search for it, when you know you didn't see it there a minute, or second ago, you calm down and wonder what exactly just happened.

Sometimes your whatever might not reappear that quickly. Like when my mom's silver twist braid bracelet vanished from her wrist. She was covering me up in bed, (I can't do it myself), when she noticed her bracelet was gone. It had been on her wrist seconds before. It was new, the clasp wasn't broken, and it couldn't have possibly slipped off her hand. Bracelets don't do that, they're not made big enough to. She looked in my covers. Under the bed. Around the bed. Basically the entire room for over half an hour. Then she searched the other rooms thoroughly. After more than two hours looking for it, we came to the conclusion that she must have taken it off somewhere in the house and that the home care nurse must have stolen it. They do that. But for the life of her, my mom couldn't remember taking it off.

About four months later, my mom was doing some vacuuming in my bedroom, when she saw her bracelet. It was just lying on the floor by my bed. In a place she had looked at that night months ago.

This definitely wasn't the first time since then that she had vacuumed there since it went missing. The suspected thief of a nurse had been fired by us two months before the bracelet reappeared. Even if she had returned it, it would've been found much sooner than this. My mom vacuums the house once every week.

Who takes our stuff? Why? Maybe they like to see us freak out looking for whatever they took. Why do they keep things for a few minutes to several months, or longer?

Years before I became ventilator dependent and quadriplegic my mom was downstairs in the laundry room. Across from the laundry room is what used to be my sister's bedroom. As my mom was folding clothes and doing some loads of laundry, she started talking to my sister. They had an entire conversation. The only thing was, my sister wasn't in her bedroom. She wasn't even downstairs, or within earshot of our mom. They were the only ones home, too. When our mom found this out, she was quite freaked out. Who was she talking to? Who was talking back to her? Why did they disguise themselves to make her think she was talking to her oldest daughter?

My aunt was sitting on her couch watching TV one night. Her husband, three kids, and two dogs were all sleeping. The dogs were in the bedroom with her husband, door shut tight. There was a helium filled balloon across the room from her next to the TV. It was "standing" there with a weight tied to the bottom of the ribbon before she fell asleep. When she woke up about 30 minutes later, the balloon was "standing" next to her, at least 10 feet away from the TV. Everyone was still sleeping, (it was the middle of the night), the dogs were still upstairs in the bedroom, door shut. There weren't any windows open, or any fans in the room.

My uncle woke up during the night and went downstairs to their kitchen. Every light was turned on. He went back upstairs to the bedroom and woke up my aunt. "Why is every goddamn light on downstairs?" He asked her, obviously irritated. "What are you talking about?" She asked him.
"Well, you were the last one downstairs. Why didn't you shut off the lights?"
"I did."
Their two youngest kids, (about 13 and 10), were asleep in their bedrooms. Their oldest daughter, (about 18), wasn't home. There hadn't been a power surge. All the clocks were still on time.

My cousins have always referred to my mom as Auntie. The last time she called her sister, (their mom and my aunt), their caller ID showed that the call was coming from Jeff and Auntie. That's not supposed to be possible since the phone company is in charge of showing who the call is coming from, and my parents are definitely not registered with the phone company as Jeff and Auntie.

Angelique, MN, USA
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