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Nisha, Singapore
August 1999

Hi Everyone! Erm,

This story did not happen to me, but one of my friends' granddad encountered this.

The Pontianak is the female vampire- even more fearsome then your ordinary western vampire- of Asian origin. She's believed to be the spirit of a woman who died in childbirth. She relishes all types of blood, but the blood of a newborn is supposed to be the most preferred blood. She kills pregnant women and eats the fetus. There is no known way of killing this vile creature, but to stop it, one must drive a nail into it's neck-the creature will change back to the woman it once was - or one must disrobe. But to do such a thing, the person must posses an ugly body. It's said that the pontianak is fearful of sharp objects. It's also said that if one were to tie a red thread from a banana tree (the Pontianak's home) to the foot of the person's bed, the Pontianak would have to do the person's bidding, trapped.

This forms the base of the story I'm about to relate.

My friend's grandad (let's call him D) had a poor uncle who was superstitious. One day, he stuck several pins, tied to a red thread into a banana tree and tied the other end to the foot of his bed. That night, D's uncle heard a woman crying outside his window. He knew this had to be the vampire for she was begging D's uncle to release her. D's uncle said no can do unless she gives him the winning numbers to the lottery. The creature did so and D's uncle struck 1st prize at the lottery. Knowing the Pontianak was his lucky charm, he refused to release her.

He was becoming rich as time passed and had become increasingly arrogant. With his money, he set up an illegal money lending operation. All this while the Pontianak was being held prisoner. One day, D's uncle pressured a debtor so badly that the poor man committed suicide. The debtor's wife wanted revenge and so one night she went to the banana tree and removed the pins. It was the only thing holding the Pontianak at bay.

The next morning, there was a horrible discovery. D's uncle had been found at the banana tree, with shiny needles stuck into his skull, the thing was that there was no trace of blood. The police were called in but had to close the case because of insufficient leads and clues.

D however knows what caused the death. It was the Pontianak who took revenge on D's uncle because he'd caused it a lot of pain.

So you see people, never dabble in the dark arts, you will suffer the consequences.......

I hope all of you enjoyed this story...........

Nisha, Singapore
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