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Port Arthur Ghost

Anywien, QLD, Australia
January 2005

I was just down at Port Arthur, Tasmania the other night; my sister, my dad and I went on the ghost tour. The three of us were pretty bored right up until the Junior Medical Officer's house; there, one of the front windows was rattling, with *no* source of wind, both inside and out. We were outside, but we could see that the tassel on the window blind inside the house was dead still. The three of us were the first to investigate. Walking right up to the window, my dad put his hand on the glass pane; at first, the rattling stopped, but then it continued, even after my dad had taken his hand away. The tassel on the window blind was still not moving, and the whole tour group soon heard noises from the front room; it sounded like somebody was moving furniture around. Our tour guide told us that this was the Junior Medical Officer's children playing (apparently he had something like 13 of them); they would move the furniture and rattle the windows, and that was indeed what we heard. Though no furniture actually moved right before our eyes, we could still hear scraping from inside the house. I went over to another window in the front room, and put my hand up to it; at this, it too began to rattle; and the tassel on the inside was still.

Eventually we moved on from there, and went to the dissection rooms under the Senior Surgeon's house. While the tour guide was talking about the room, she mentioned that some people would occasionally see faces come forth from a hole in the wall, only to pop back into the wall and disappear. Now at the time, my right side was facing that hole in the wall; When our guide mentioned these faces, my right ear went numb; I could hear nothing in that ear but a high pitched whining noise that I have never heard before. The minute the guide moved off the subject of ghostly faces, my hearing returned. As we walked out, my dad (who is something of a skeptic; always trying to think of a rational explanation for everything) turned around and told me that he had felt a bad vibe at the time our guide was talking about the ghostly faces coming out of the hole (he had been the closest one to the hole, standing almost in front of it). He had then heard a scraping coming from the hole (The guide said that the hole was where the servants used to scrape the ashes from the fireplace down into the dissection room to soak up the blood). That was about all that happened to us on the tour; I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

Anywien, QLD, Australia
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