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RAF Ghost

Alison Wilkinson, Buckinghamshire, England
September 2001

My friends Susie and Jay live in RAF (Royal Air Force) Quarters in Middlesex in England and the experiences belong mostly to them. They've never really mentioned anything before until a couple weeks ago when Susie and I were chatting when the subject of ghosts came and she told me that the hand prints were back! 'What hand prints?' I asked her. It seems that since they moved in over three years ago, they have had various 'things' happen.

So she took me upstairs and there, clear as day, was a set of huge hand prints on the wall just above their bed. Susie has tried everything to get rid of them and they disappeared when she fell pregnant. As soon as the baby was born, they came back and when I saw Susie and Jay last night, they casually informed me that the hand prints had moved!

By now I was getting quite spooked. We went outside for a cigarette with one of the music channels on the TV playing. When we came back in, the channel had changed to some gruesome true murder documentary. The hairs on the back of my neck were standing on end at this stage and it took Susie a good 5 minutes the change the channel back. They have also seen the candle that sits on top of the TV very casually slide from the middle and drop off at the end. Things also get moved and the TV turns itself off and on. Susie and Jay are very relaxed about this and the ghost obviously means no harm.

Last night, it was Susie, Jay and myself and they told me what had happened a couple of nights ago.

Susie had gone up to bath Alana and had set out her babygrow and nappy on the changing mat in bedroom. She was bathing Alana and thought that perhaps she could use one of the smaller nappies instead of the bigger one that she had pulled out. When she got back into the bedroom, the babygrow and nappy had been thrown onto the chair and in a perfect arc were three of the smaller nappies on the changing mat. Poor Jay got the blame for that until he explained that he hadn't been upstairs at all.

We then went outside for a cigarette and as we were sitting there I saw the shadow of someone walk into the kitchen through their glazed kitchen door, didn't think anything of it until I realised that we were all sitting outside. I told them and Susie says that she sees shadows out of the corner of eye all the time.

We then went back in and I was sitting next to Susie on the sofa talking, when I noticed that she was staring at something directly behind me. I asked her and she said nothing at first, knowing how freaked out I was. I finally got it out of her and the bunny rabbit that was sitting right behind me on the top of the sofa, well his floppy ears that were hanging down suddenly went up and then back down again. So, I think that their ghost has got a sense of humour.

She's asked me to babysit next week, must admit though, not too keen on having the 'extra' company!

Alison Wilkinson, Buckinghamshire, England
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