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Julie Rose, Kentucky, USA
March 1999

About three years ago, my family moved into a new house. It was a small house in the country. We have only one neighbor and they live about a mile away. We don't see people around here often.

I was alone during the day a lot and sometimes while I was sitting in my livingroom I would catch a glimpse of a man walking outside. He would pass our large picture window which is in the front of the house. I always got up to answer the door, because I figured it was someone coming to visit. But every time I would open the front door, no one was there. I just decided that I was seeing things.

One cold, snowy night, my mom, my sister and I were waiting for my dad and uncle to come home. We were kind of nervous because it was snowing and the roads were getting bad. I was in the livingroom looking out the window, when I saw someone walk past, it looked like my uncle. I thought with relief that my dad and uncle were finally home. I almost said out loud, "They are home!" But I didn't because I thought that my mom and sister would figure that out when my dad and uncle came in. one ever came in! I just thought that was really weird because this person or thing looked just like my uncle! I never told anyone that I saw him because I knew they would all think I was crazy! But one day my sister and I were sitting in the livingroom watching TV and she looked up at the window and said, "You might think I'm crazy, but I see this man walk past the window all the time!" She went on to say that even though she sees him pass the window, when she goes and looks outside, no one is ever there! You can imagine my surprise when she said that! I told her that I saw him too. I decided to test her, I told her to write down on a piece of paper exactly what this guy looked like. And I did the same. When we finished, we traded papers. And neither one of us could believe it when we realized we wrote the same descriptions!!! Both of us wrote that he wore a brown leather jacket. Had long, curly, brown hair. We could never really see his face because he always was either looking down, or straight ahead. We only saw him from the side. He was always wearing jeans! And he always had his hands in the pockets of his jacket. We just could not believe that we both were seeing the same man! It was really freaky! We laughed about it because we laugh about everything! And we even gave him a name-Ralph. Now whenever we see him, we say "Hey! There goes Ralph!" One of my sister's friends has also seen Ralph. We are not afraid of him, because all he does is walk past our window!! Maybe one day he'll stop in and say HI!

Julie Rose, Kentucky, USA
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