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Red Say's Goodbye

Nicole, TX, USA
September 2001

My mother told me about the following occurrence some years ago. I recently discovered this site and I love it, and after reading some stories, decided to submit my mom's. I called her just tonight to verify the details. Here goes.

For starters, my mother is every bit the skeptic. She will look for an explanation for anything out of the ordinary. That's why I believe her 100%. The fact that it was witnessed by 2 other people doesn't hurt either.

They used to live in a tiny house in Fort Worth. The living room ran half the length of the house and is where the 'unexplainable' event happened.

My mother, Step dad and Sister were in the living room watching television. The kitchen was to their left, and you had to pass the kitchen to get to the TV and the rest of the house. All the other kids were in bed. She doesn't remember what prompted them to look up, but they all did at the same time and they saw what looked like cigarette smoke coming from the kitchen. It moved horizontally from the kitchen doorway to about halfway across the room, which was just in front of them, then it changed directions and went straight up toward the ceiling and disappeared. At that point my sister got up and ran to her room, my step dad went quickly outside, and my mom sat there with her mouth open, wondering what she just witnessed. No one ever smoked in the house. No one was in the kitchen, nor was any fire lit in there. When I asked my mom to clarify what the smoke looked like, she said, it wasn't originating from the kitchen, it was a line of smoke about 2 feet long that travelled from the kitchen in a horizontal line, then made the right angle up to the ceiling. Mind you, my mother is a skeptic, but when she can't explain something she won't rule out anything.

My step dad's sister, Red, had recently died tragically, and she was a heavy smoker. My mother told my step dad that it was probably her, telling him goodbye.

My mother had a few other strange experiences, but nothing witnessed by anyone else, or like this one. My sister doesn't even like talking about it.

Thanks for reading.

Nicole, TX, USA
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