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Reflection (1)

Helen M, UK
November 2005

I've always sensed things about places, like some places bring a sense of calmness or others a strong fear. When I walk into a room I can feel if somethings not right. I hadn't ever seen anything, just got feelings.

About two years ago in my family home where I still live, I came home from work and went upstairs to my room to put my bag and things in my room, like I always do. As I walked into my room a sudden coldness washed over me and the feeling of very strong fear gripped me. The room was freezing, whereas the rest of the house was nice and warm. I put my things down quickly on the floor and shut the door, I then went downstairs but didn't tell anyone what I had felt.

Later on that evening, around 11:30-ish, after avoiding my room all night as I was too scared to go back in there, my parents announced I was to go to bed as I had to get up early the next day for work.

I climbed the stairs and went along the landing toward my room, I gripped the door handle which was icy cold and went in, again the feeling of fear began and the room was colder than before, no windows were open or anything. I went in and tried to just get on with what I needed to do, still not telling anyone what I was feeling. I sat down a my dressing table and took off my make-up and brushed my hair. While doing so, out of the corner of my eye I could see a figure in the far corner of my room, but when I looked I couldn't see anything.

I climbed into bed and buried myself in the covers. A little while later I was still wide awake in fear in the darkness. My bed is by the window in my room and my mirror is directly opposite my bed, so when I looked down the bed I could see into the mirror.

I lay there looking around my room, when I felt an icy breeze on my face and a rustling of fabric over by my wardrobe, I sat up and looked in the direction of the sound. I then looked over toward my mirror and saw a figure standing right by me in the reflection, all I could see was the outline of them but I could tell it was female. She seemed to be looking in the same direction as I was, in the mirror, but as it was dark I couldn't see properly. She was unmoving and just stood right next to me. Without any other movements she suddenly walked quickly over to my dressing table with no sound of footsteps just a rustling of the fabric of her dress, sat down, and started to rearrange her hair in my mirror, I could see her face in my mirror with the little light there was coming from under the door.

She had the palest skin, black hair which was knotted and matted, but her pale bony hands still ran through the knots, pulling hair out in the process. The thing that scared me the most was the fact she had no eyes, she had hollow holes where the eyes would go. I was frozen in fear, shaking uncontrollably.

She stopped pulling at her hair and appeared to turn in her seat and look at me, but I couldn't see properly what she was looking at as I was seeing all of this from the reflection in the mirror and so just saw the back of her head.

At that moment I dove under the covers and started to whisper 'go away please! leave me alone' still shaking and by this time tears streamed down my face. I did that for what seemed like hours before I even dared to look if she was still there. She had gone.

The next morning the coldness had gone from my room, and the normal atmosphere had returned. I've never experienced anything like it, she hasn't ever returned but sometimes the coldness and the fear that I got the first time comes back, but I haven't seen her again. And I hope I never will.

Helen M, UK
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