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Rebecca Passlow, NSW, Australia
September 2001

I was catching a bus home late one night, around 12:00 pm, from a friends house. I boarded the bus and noticed it was empty other than the driver, so I made my way up to the back and sat about two seats from of the end. I sat down just as the bus took off down the quiet road.

As I was sitting quietly thinking about my day I peered through the glass window. Suddenly a cold chill filled the bus along with a stale odor, then I felt a presence near me, so instinctively I turned to inspect my surroundings. There wasn't anything out of the ordinary so I turned back around to face the window. I felt as though I was being watched but as eerie as I felt I tried my best to act normal and not to fidget.

A few minutes later I noticed a strange reflection in the glass. The reflection showed a human figure sitting across the aisle from me. I spun around to see nothing but the bus driver looking at me through the rear vision mirror. I was freaking out pretty bad but I took another look at the reflection and saw the figure turn it's head toward me, a feeling of dread and terror rushed through me and I felt too scared to move. After a few breaths I built up enough courage to grab my bag and run down to the door. I shouted for the bus to stop and hurried to get off as fast as I could.

I waited until the bus was out of sight then, cautiously, looked around me to check for anyone or anything. Seeing nothing around me, I pulled out my mobile and dialed my boyfriends number, as I was still a long way from home.

He came and picked me up and when he asked why I got off the bus I lied and told him that a drunk guy kept on making passes at me.

Needless to say I've never caught a bus again.

Rebecca Passlow, NSW, Australia
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