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Rene I'm Telling!

March 2003

As I was growing up I had three older brothers that loved to scare my sister and I. They mainly hid under the bed and jumped out while we were going to sleep. So I thought nothing of my experience until I saw them asleep.

I was thirteen when my first experience happened. I remember it was a summer night becuase I had just opened my window to let in some night air. I instantly fell asleep to awaken at 2:00am. I felt more relaxed than usual. I opened my eyes to see a figure with what looked like a white sheet over it's head and body. It was bending over and it's face was about two inches away from mine. Thinking it was my oldest brother, I told him "Rene I'm going to tell that your trying to scare me again!". The figure stood up, turned towards my door and left the room. I, not being afraid, followed the figure into the kitchen and stepped on the sheet. It kept going until it got into the hallway and disappeared. I woke my mom and told her about my brother trying to scare me. I then followed my mother to my brothers room only to find him fast asleep in between my two other brothers.

To this day I still wonder what it was and why it choose to show itself to me.

That was the first of many experiences that I have had.

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