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Respect Graveyards & Their Residents!

Pamela, TX, USA
January 2001

Back in highschool, my friend George and I loved a good ghost story and whats more we both loved scaring each other. One night after we had gone to the movie theatre to see Witchboard we decided to go to the cemetary and drive around. We both had gotten pretty scared by the movie and we decided to scare ourselves silly at the cemetary too.

George and I drove far back into the cemetary and then we parked the car and just sat there for a few minutes. We both were a little uneasy about being there but neither of us wanted to show each other that we were "really" scared. We must have sat there for about 10 or 15 minutes when we both noticed that a foggy mist began to swirl around the car.

George looked at me and asked me if I saw the same thing that he saw and I told him yes. He said,"Let's get out of the car and see what is going on."

"No way," I told him.
"Chicken?" he asked.
Just when I was about to show him that I was not chicken, I grabbed the car door handle....the mist stopped in front of the car and began to form into one big mass. Slowly the misty shape became more human in form. Now at this point George and I were beginning to rethink our little trek into the graveyard.

I said, "Start the car George....start the car now.!"
"I'm trying to," he said, "but it won't start."
I thought that he was just trying to scare me even more and I looked over and he had the key cranked but the car was not making any noise.
At this point the misty figure in front of the car began to walk or should I say float over to the the drivers side of the car and George grabbed my hand and squeezed it.
I know this may sound totally crazy but George and I both heard this...the misty figure began scratching at the window like it wanted George to roll down the window. We were both paralyzed with fear and I was beginning to scream "Start the car. Start the g**d*** car." George was sort of in a trance and I watched him let go of my hand and he moved his hand to the car door handle. He was starting to open the door.
"George what are you doing? You are going to let that thing in the car! Don't open the door George." I watched in horror as the misty figure began to get clearer. Its face took on more form and characteristics and I could see it eyes glowing. They were a horrible red. Its mouth turned up at the corners in an evil little smile as George slowly turned the handle to open the car door.
Just as the door unlatched and George began to swing open the door, a bright light shone into the front windsheild drawing our attention away from the thing at the door.
"Hey, what are you doing here?" shouted a voice. We recognized the caretaker. He was shining his flashlight into our car. I looked over at George's side of the car but the thing had vanished.

The caretaker told us we weren't allowed to come into the graveyard at night as we could get a stiff fine. He said that since we didn't know about that that he wouldn't turn us in and told us not to come back.

Gladly, George and I agreed to never drive back into the cemetary at night. George was able to start the car on the first try and we drove out of the cemetary, still shaking from our experience.

I still remember how scared I was that night and I can only wonder what would have happened if the caretaker hadn't shown up when he did. So let this be a lesson to those of you like to venture into cemetary in the dark of night. You just never know what you may encounter!

Pamela, TX, USA
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