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Retirement Ghosts

Ontario, Canada
October 2001

I've worked at a retirement home, converted, from a hospital, for the last eleven years. In that time, five years were straight midnights. I had so many strange things happen between 3:00 a.m and 4:30 a.m. that I actually started to doubt my own eyes and ears!

Here's just a small list of some of the occurrences.

1: The sound of dishes rattling in the kitchen as if someone is setting up for a meal, upon checking, there's never anything.

2: A white blob in a turned off television, that separates into two human shapes, that go around a chair and coffee table, that are reflected in the TV When you look at the actual chair and table you see nothing, it's just visable in the television. That one had me really wondering about my eyes. It happened on more than one occasion, so, I know I saw it!

3: Footsteps walking on a bare floor, which in reality, is carpeted, coming to the staff room door and stopping. Again, upon checking, no one.

4: Talking, actually more of a mumble. I couldn't understand any of it. Here are a few examples of other people's experiences: Residents being woken at 3:00 a.m. by loud raps on their doors. There"s one staff on between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. so they usually get an angry call about being woke up and thinking someone is playing a prank.

5: Several staff have heard babies crying, on the floor where the nursery used to be. Several residents as well as some staff have seen a man, a tall , thin man dressed in a suit, who walks up the 1st floor hall, and just disappears. Those are just a sample of things that have happened.

Ontario, Canada
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