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River Ghost

Jei Gallagher, Quebec, Canada
September 2002

First of all, I'd like to explain one thing. Since a childhood accident, I've been able to see the spiritual world. Just thought I'd get that accross.

Well, here's my story:

I was walking down to my usual secluded place near a river by my house. Sitting on a usual bench, always at sunset, because I love to watch the sunset and watch the moon rise and all that stuff.

It was getting close to moonrise when I felt the presence of another being sitting down next to me. The first strongly accented words from him where "The river, so beautiful, yet the beauty of makes it sometimes hard to belive it's dangers". We continued to talk, I thought he was just a tourist who found my secluded place. After this extremely pleasant talk (since most people never talk about sunsets, rivers and moon rises like he did with a bit of poetry laced in with his accented words), I turned to face him, which got me to stop in the middle of my sentence. I could see the trees behind him, like he wasn't even there. He smiled at me, giving me a "telepathic"image of his death, tumbling down the steep slope and dragged under the water in a heavy current. I bolted out of there. At first I thought I was just assuming this, but when I turned around he was gone.

I remember it since it only happened last night. He had tassled black (I presume) hair, that fell past his shoulders, a loose dress shirt and pants. He was obviously Asian. He was solid, yet transparent.

As used to ghosts as I am, I have never met one so sweet. So not all ghosts are bad or disturbing!

Arigatou for reading.

Jei Gallagher, Quebec, Canada
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