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Karri, Ohio, USA
October 1999

Ican't even believe that I am sharing this story. The few I have told just look at me like I am crazy.

It all started when our family moved into our newly built home in 1995. It was a custom built home and our family was really proud of it. The only problem was, being a college student, I didn't have a bedroom. The house only had 2 bedrooms and my parents got one and my younger sister got the other. Since I was only home during holidays and the summer, the living room was altered to accommodate me. I had a bed and dresser in there, along with a curiel cabinet that was made for a dining room setting.

We moved in the spring and when I finished my junior year of college, I moved into my make- shift bedroom. Starting the first night that I came home, weird things started to happen. I would hear loud noises at night. I would ALWAYS wake up at 3:47 a.m. Every single night, always the same time. My room was always cold. I never really thought much of it until my mom told me about other occurrences in the house. Our gas fireplace would light up on it's own, our cat would act really weird and sit for hours and look at the closed closet door. Doors would open, things would fall of the wall etc, weird voices could be heard on occasion.

Then one incident topped it off: Mom was home alone, just returning from shopping, where she purchased a brand new hardback book. She set the book on the ledge in the kitchen and started to make dinner. When she turned around, the book had about 6 paperclips lining the pages. She was really scared, as the house was empty except for the cat. Where did the paperclips come from and who put them there in such a nice manner????

A friend of the family had a sister who was a 'ghost buster' (for lack of a better term). Let's call her Sue. Sue had a special power that let her communicate with ghosts. We called Sue (who had never met us nor been to our house). She could describe the house in detail to my mom on the phone. She said she sees a bedroom with a decorative cabinet in it and that didn't make sense to her. Mom explained I lived there when home from college, and other times it was the living room/dining room. Sue said whomever slept in that room would never get a good nights sleep. Sue also explained about a certain closet where the water heater was located. She said that is where the ghost resides most of the time (the closet where our cat would sit for hours and stare). We were totally convinced that Sue was for real, as she could describe many things about our house.

We had Sue come over and get rid of the spirit. After communicating with the spirit and 'showing it the light', our house was clean. Sue then shared with us the details of our ghost.

Rose was an 85 year old woman who was attached to the curiel cabinet. Rose owned the cabinet and a matching table when she was alive. When she died, the table and cabinet were sold separately at her estate sale in spite of her deathbed wishes. My mom purchased the cabinet and Rose entered our home through it. She was mad that my mom never cleaned the cabinet properly. She said my mom and dad were not 'proper' and never acted like adults. She said my sister and I were spoiled brats and that she tortured my cat, as all animals belonged outside. She haunted our house to show how unhappy she was about her cabinet and table being split up and for not going to the light when she had passed on.

Luckily for us, Sue had gotten rid of Rose and all her bothersome antics. Our house has been clean and ghost free for 4 years now. We now have special seeds that are above each door in our home -blessed seeds from Sue that do not allow ghosts to enter our home anymore.

Karri, Ohio, USA
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