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Sad Suicide

Chad, WA, USA
October 2004

This is a true story. Whether you believe it or not makes no difference to me. I have never bought into anything supernatural and have never had any experience before or since this changed that. However, this has always made me stop and consider a little bit when I hear about something that isn't easily explainable. I'm going to keep some insignificant details untold for reasons you will soon understand.

In the early nineties I was a Military Policeman on a large domestic base on the East coast. One afternoon while on patrol in the based housing area I received a call from dispatch requesting me to change my radio to TAC 2 (the secondary frequency that wasn't recorded). The desk Sergeant informed me that he had received a call from a dependant wife who was concerned about her husband. They had recently separated and she and the children had left the state. She had been trying to contact her husband for several days without success and she had contacted the Staff NCOIC of his unit and was told he had not reported to work as well. I was given the address of the family quarters and told to try to make contact.

When I arrived at the residence I radioed in that the individual's vehicle (the description was given to me) was in the driveway and I went to the front door. I rang the bell and knocked with no response. I began walking around the house looking in the windows. When I reached the back sliding glass door (which was adjacent to the living room) I heard a distinguishable "moaning" sound. As soon as I stopped to listen it became very obvious to me that it was a man sobbing uncontrollably and moaning in intervals. It was about the most heart wrenching sound I had ever heard.

I listened for at least a minute and I can still hear it today. After gathering myself for a moment I called out the name and rank of the person I was supposed to make contact with. By the time the sound of my shout faded away, the noise from inside had stopped. I went back to the front door and knocked several more times without any response. I went back to my vehicle and relayed this information to dispatch and was told to stand by at the quarters and await the watch commander who was in route.

When he got there he had the housing master keys that open every home in the housing area (very standard on military bases). Together we unlocked the front door and walked inside. As we walked through the very small foyer, the living room was visible. It was getting a little dark and my watch commander flicked a set of light switches right next to him. We both saw the same thing immediately: A body in a recliner in the living room, obvious massive trauma to the head (I won't indulge any gore mongers). He approached the body and very quickly came back to me and we left the quarters. He radioed for CID (Criminal Investigative Division) but not for medical.

The next several hours were a blur of activity but I was not allowed to leave the hood of my vehicle. Finally an investigator approached me and started going over and over what I had already told my watch commander, especially what I had reported hearing. I was getting pissed at the condescending way he was acting towards me. I knew this investigator pretty well and told him that I hadn't heard a shot. He told me the condition of the body indicated that he had been deceased for at least 24 hours.

That's it, that's the truth take it or leave it. I did not imagine the sound of a man sobbing from inside that house. I told my dispatch what I heard 20 minutes before we opened that door.

Chad, WA, USA
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