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Sara's Stories

Sara, NY, USA
April 2005

Hi. My name is Sara and I am an 11 year old 6th grader. Now, I know what you're thinking "oh she is just a kid and this is her imagination making these stories up", but I swear to you that these stories are 100% real. Another thing, most of these stories, do not have any relation to each other.

When I was in 2nd grade (7 years old) I was into girl scouts. One day I went to a meeting to cross over from being a daisy to a brownie and to get my new badges. When I came home with my mom at my first house in Jamestown my dog started to bark wildly at us. My dog, Pongo who was a boxer and was about 4 years old was not known to jump on people and/or bark at them. Finally, my mom calmed him down but he would not stop making this sound, almost as if he was crying. My mom called for my Dad but no answer. My mom and I then started to look for him. I remember I looked in the living room, my mom's room, kitchen and bathrooms. He wasn't in any of those rooms. As my mom got settled she then started to look for him too. She first looked in the back yard to see if he went on the porch. He was not there. She then looked in my room. He wasn't there either. The only room left was the computer/guest room. As my mom walked down the hallway to that room I wanted to follow her but for some reason I couldn't. My feet would not move. I felt sick to my stomach. Tears started to flow from my eyes before I even heard my mom scream my Dad's name and rush to the phone to call 911. I stuttered to my mom and asked her what happened to Daddy but she was breathing so hard and talking to the people on the phone that she couldn't speak to me. All she did was look at me with this look in her eye like everything she ever lived for was gone. I remember dropping to the floor but laying on my dog's soft fur. I didn't have time to think about it then but before I dropped to the floor I remember my dog being on the other side of the room.

After my mom got off the phone her and I ran across the street to our neighbors. One of them was a retired nurse. They were both elderly but in an instant they were across the street performing CPR on my Dad.

Unfortunately, my Dad passed away before they even got him to the hospital. My Dad died of a heart attack. When he was born there was a vein in his heart that never grew. He was always supposed to go to the doctors to get it checked out to see if he needed any medication or surgery but he never did. I have to get checked out every year for this now. Next time I get it checked will be my 2nd time. The 1st time I got it checked, I was not worried at all. It was like, there was nothing to be afraid of, even though there was a chance I could have what my Dad had. I felt so happy. I remember my mom asking me constantly what I was smiling about. And to this day, I still do not know.

My Dad had strawberry blonde hair. It was so beautiful. When I was little I had almost the same color hair as him. But by the time he died I had a light brown color. After he died I started to notice these reddish- blonde streaks in my hair. I still ahev them, and I am very proud of them too.

This scares me sometimes when I think of it, but I try not to remember it. When my Dad passed away, my brother (who was 19 at the time) moved back in with me and my mom. Before, my brother had had my room and I had had the computer/guest room. When he moved out, I moved into his room (because it was bigger) and we turned my old room into a computer/guest room. When he moved back in, he had to go back into the computer/guest room because I refused to sleep in the room my dad had died in. My brother didn't seem to mind much though because he has a different Dad then me. Of course, he was devastated when my Dad died but he had not known my Dad as much as I had. Well, I remember over-hearing him and my mom talking. What I heard really scared me. My brother told my mom that one night, while he was in his room he woke up because he heard this big thump. When he opened his eyes he saw that the computer chair was knocked over. Thinking nothing of it he went back to sleep. When he woke up the next morning the computer chair was sitting upright like it had never even tipped over. He had asked my mom if she had picked it up, and she said no. Then this look of fear and sadness came over her eyes. She started to tell my brother that when David had died (my Dad's name) his heart attack had caused him to tip over in his chair.

About two weeks later I forgot what my mom said and started to go back on the computer just like I did before my dad died. While I was playing one of my games, out of nowhere the chair tipped over with me still in it. It fell right on top of me and the plastic part on the bottom with the wheels on it hit my head. As I remembered what my mom said, I quickly got up and left that room. To my surprise, I didn't have any scratches or bruises and I realized that when I fell It didn't even hurt. I never told my mom about this.

Nothing really happened to me for about a year. But then, something did.

It was in my new home, (we had moved because my mom didn't want to be in a house with so many memories) while I was in 3rd grade (about 8 years old) I was getting ready for school in the morning. I had this big mirror that was made by this furniture company that my Dad had worked for. I was brushing my hair and looking in the mirror to see what was behind me, when all of the sudden I see this bright white figure of a person move quickly into the bathroom. Instantly I saw this picture of my Dad in my head. I knew it had to be him but I was still afraid. I ran down the stares so fast and would not go back upstairs until after school. That day, I went to school with my hair half brushed. After school I told my mom about this and she instantly started to cry.

My dog Pongo stayed with us until the end of 3rd grade. The day we gave him away he did the same whimpering cry that he did the day my mom and I came home from girl scouts. That night, there was a giagantic storm.

At the end of 4th grade I moved to a new house near Buffalo. In 5th grade, I had this picture in my room of my Dad holding me when I was a baby. It had a porcelain and glass frame. I can not even tell you how many times that picture has fallen and there is no chips or scratches.

This year in 6th grade in December or January I have been seeing shadows everywhere. It started one night when I was knocking on the bathroom door to see if my Mom was in there. She was and as soon as I heard her voice this shadow ran across the wall. I looked small and it looked like someone was running. But the weird thing is it was high up on the wall, almost on the ceiling, like whatever was running was floating. Then in school, I was sitting in writing class when something catches my eye. On my desk there is metal legs where you can see your reflection in. Well it wasn't my reflection that I was seeing in the leg it was this black shadow swinging back and forth. My teacher saw me staring at the leg and made a joke out of it just to annoy me. When I looked back it wasn't there. Also when we were eating lunch this one time, if you look out the windows in my cafeteria you can see other peoples yards well I swear I saw a shadow run across someones yard.

The latest story was I was spending the night at my friends house and I had woke up before anyone else. Well I swore I had seen an eye opening and closing in the turned off T.V.

Thank you for reading.

Sara, NY, USA
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