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Sarah's Sorrow

Kayla, Kentucky, USA
September 2006

My name is Kayla, I live in an apartment complex in a small town. Nothing ever happens around here, that's why I call my town Dullsville, because it is really dull and boring around here. But about three years ago, when I was thirteen something really odd happened. This woman that lived in Dullsville in the same apartment complex wasn't seen coming out of her apartment for a while, but no-one thought anything of it because nothing ever happens around here in Dullsville, or so we thought. It was around 2:00 a.m., everyone in the apartment buildings were woken up by horrifying screams. No one knew what to think, except, oh my its Sarah! So since my mother and I were the only ones with a phone, we ran inside and called the Police. The Police came in a hurry, but the screams stopped before they got there.They kicked the door down at Sarah's, since there was no one there that would or could answer the door. They looked everywhere, but couldn't find anything. Then the screams started again, that's when we all knew that she was still in there, and that's when they looked in the attic. There lay Sarah, she seemed very much alive at first but then she just lay there and took her last breath. We could have helped her, everyone at the complex, but we didn't think anything of it, like I said earlier. And that made Sarah very mad, that's where the story really begins. Later on we found out that Sarah was murdered by her ex-husband. He did some things to her, and left her in the attic for dead, he was caught. One night I was laying in my bed looking out of my window which faced Sarah's old window. I lived in apt.15b, she lived in apt.15d. I had this erie feeling that someone was watching me and I couldn't sleep at all, all I could do was stare into her window, watching and waiting for something to happen, but nothing happened at all, at least nothing in Sarah's house. My bedroom door creaked and finally shut, I couldn't see it because I was facing the other way. I left my door open that night because I was afraid someone would murder me just like Sarah, and right across the hallway was my mom, so I knew I was safe. I jumped straight out of my skin (not literally, just a figure of speech), I couldn't scream, all I could do was gasp for air as I started to have a severe panic attack. I felt a cold rush go all through my body, and I'm not saying from being scared, I'm saying something went right through me and as I struggled to get out of bed and walk to my door I looked at my bed as I stumbled and I saw this dent starting to form in my bed and finally I let out a scream, that's when I felt the cold rush again and this time it made me fall straight to the floor as if she was attacking me. My mom came running to my door, but couldn't get it open, she screamed "Kayla!! let me in honey, what's going on! what's that thumping, stop it if your trying to scare me." then all of a sudden the door burst open and my mom came running in. She fell to her knees and held my face in her hands crying worse than I have ever seen anyone cry except myself that night. After that happened to me, everyone says they were attacked by Sarah too, I think she's so mad at us and she was trying to show everyone her pain and sorrow as no one helped poor Sarah, and when we finally made an effort she died.

Kayla, Kentucky, USA
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