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Saviour Boy

Chaelea, Hawally, Kuwait
January 1998

This happened in 1998 and I was never really frightened by it. I was 13 then and I still am as I write this now.

I was walking across the parking lot of our apartment building. Within the mall that stands under it, I heard some Arab boys yelling insults to each other and I watched them be escorted away by the guard. I was mildly interested but I still wanted to go to the store across the street. I checked up and down the street and then decided it was safe to walk. I was in the middle of the road when all of a sudden a car came vrooming around the corner. I was scared stiff. There was no one around me at the time except for the car. All of a sudden, I felt a strong shove from behind. I landed surprisingly gently on the ground and looked up to see who had pushed me. I saw a handsome young Indian boy (my age). He smiled at me and I could hear him tell me, you could have been killed. But it didn't seem to really be him talking. I thanked him and his eyes glowed blue, then his whole body slowly disintegrated. I wasn't scared, but I'm not sure if I dreamed it either.

But I know in my heart it was real...

Chaelea, Hawally, Kuwait
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