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Saying Goodbye (4)

Heather, Alaska, USA
March 1999

When I was 16 years old I was dating a boy the same age who owned a motorcycle. I was in love and so was he. Anyway, this particular summer, I ended up in the hospital about 100 miles away from my home town. I thought it was weird that Rod didn't call to find out if I was ok, when I could come home or whatever.

Friday night I went to sleep and had the strangest dream, I was in the hospital, in the same room when Rod came and knocked on the door, so I followed him out into the hall where he hugged me for quite awhile and said, "I'm sorry I can't see you anymore, but always remember that I love you." I woke up on Saturday and just couldn't get the dream off my mind, so I called home and asked Mom if she had heard from Rod yet, she said no and quickly changed the subject. I was getting out of the hospital the next day, so I didn't worry anymore, I figured I would see him tomorrow.

Sunday morning I was getting ready to go home when my nurse came in to talk to me, she said she had some really bad news. Rod was in a motorcycle accident and died. I immediately asked when this happened and she told me that it was Friday night, the same night I had that dream. Coincidence? Thanks for listening.

Heather, Alaska, USA
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