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Scary Christmas

Janet, WA, USA
May 1998

Iremember just like it was yesterday. I was living in Northern California, where I grew up most of my life. I was still living with my parent as I was only about sixteen and still in high school. It was around the holidays, i.e. Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was a regular church goer but also had interests in ghost stories and was interested in the Ouija board. My mother would never have allowed me to use to one let alone buy one. I improvised and made one myself. I took a large piece of wood and painted on all the symbols, numbers, letters, etc... My bedroom was upstairs, the only room upstairs. I hid it there and at night would pull it out and ask it questions but never got any responses. I had also watched the movie "Witchboard" previous to that and knew the warnings it had said about never use one alone, or you may become possessed...or something like that. I was scared but I liked it, you know the feeling...goose bumps all over your body?

It was Christmas Eve and my father always burned fires in our woodstove very hot. I could not sleep upstairs in my room because it was very cold (for California) because it was not insulated, and so I slept on the couch. It was rather hot in the living room due to the roaring fire so I slept on top of the covers. The Christmas tree sat in front of the couch and blocked one end of it. My head was at the other end so I could see out. I was sound asleep and was slightly woken by a draft in the air. This was impossible because it was so hot in the house. I woke up and opened my eyes but saw nothing. I then felt next to my arm on the couch the cushion sinking down as if someone were sitting next to me. I froze. I couldn't say anything or move. About two hours passed by with me like that, frozen on top of the covers, unable to move and scared stiff. After those two hours I finally got enough courage to grab the blankets underneath me pull them over my head and close my eyes as tight as possible. I eventually fell asleep.

The next day, Christmas Day, I told my mom of my encounter. She was both shocked and angry with me that I would do such a thing. But, she took me to my room and together we took the homemade Ouija board and threw it out in the garbage dumpster. I have never had another experience like that again, but it did make me believe that there is something out there. Whether it's good or evil, there is something out there.

Janet, WA, USA
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