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Screaming Sarah

Sarah, BC, Canada
May 2007

I don't believe I am anything special in the world of paranormal. But I have seen things and heard things that none of my friends or family has. Mostly in my current house, and my previous house. The story I am to tell takes place in my previous house.

It was a four level split, and in the downstairs, right across from the basement door, my parents set up a little entertainment centre for my brother Ryan and I. The couches set up had their backs to the rest of the room, including the stairs to the main floor. I was probably about seven when the events happened. (I am almost fourteen now.) Though I remember them very clearly. It's one of those times that seems to be branded into your mind with a hot iron. It was a calm weekend, and my parents were both out. I was left alone with Ryan, five years older than me. But he was outside in the back yard. So, technically, I was alone. The TV wasn't very loud, so I could hear what was going on in the rest of the house. So I heard, clearly, someone calling my name from upstairs. When I ran up there though, no one was inside. It didn't sound like Ryan or my parents, either, but I wasn't thinking about that at the time. So, I went back downstairs to continue watching TV. But I heard it again. It was a slightly hoarse voice, like that of a man who had smoked too much in a short amount of time. Once again, I went upstairs to check. And, once again, no one was around. So I went back downstairs. Next time "Sarah" was called out, I ignored it best I could. I turned up the volume on the TV every time the voice called. It was always louder than the TV though. Once I had the volume up to forty (it could only go up to sixty) everything shut off. Lights, the TV - everything. And once again, "Sarah!" was called, louder and more venomously than ever. Scared half to death, I rushed outside to where Ryan was. He told me he hadn't heard a thing - not even me turning up the TV, which was something he should have heard. Especially on such a quiet day.

After that I refused to be in the house alone ever again. And I would only go downstairs when I had at least two other people with me.

Sarah, BC, Canada
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