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Searching for that Last Drink

Jordan, Minnesota
May 1999

While my father was going to college he ended up staying in an old farmhouse with some friends of his. The college had bought this house for students to live in after the previous owner had died. The farmer had died from a combination of old age and alcoholism. In one of the bedrooms the finish on the floor had been almost eaten away from overturned bottles and such. One day my father came home to eat lunch like he did every day. After he had cleaned up he had a little time to go upstairs to his bedroom and study. Suddenly he heard loud banging sounds from downstairs. Thinking that one of his friends had come home, he rushed over to the window, but only his car was parked in the driveway. He went downstairs and every cabinet and drawer in the kitchen was opened. Now my father is a very neat person and would never leave the kitchen in anything but perfect order. He searched the house, but found no one, he slowly closed the drawers and cabinets and went back to school.

After my father had moved out to different living quarters, they all came back to pick up some mail that had not been forwarded to their new address. There were now four girls living in the farmhouse. After they had handed over the mail, one of them asked my father and his friends if they had every heard or seen anything strange in the house. They just smiled and told them to keep a full bottle of liquor in one of the cabinets, and they would be fine...........

Jordan, Minnesota
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