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Second World Revealed

Nikita, Liverpool, UK
August 2009

I was born in Liverpool but moved to Leeds. The house we moved into was very welcoming. I have an older brother who is 10 years older than me and I was 6 at the time so he was 16.

This all started when we got a new fan/lights put in the living room and at night on no certain time the lights would flicker.

My mum used to work at boots in town and near her work was a little cafe. My mum was eating there as usual when a medium came up to her and asked her if she had seen anything weird. My mum said, "Yes."
The medium replied, "There is a woman in your house called Betty and she doesn't mean you any harm. If you say something like, 'I know you're here, you can stop it now', whatever Betty is doing should stop."

My mum told us all what the medium said. I had a 13ft trampoline and I knew about all the ghost stuff. While I was jumping on my trampoline, I called out, "Betty if you're here show me a sign" I didn't know if it was just me or not but I'm sure I saw a face in the living room window.

One day my mum, nan, granddad and I were going out and my brother Kyle was staying at home. He ordered a takeaway and he was eating it while looking in the mirror and he saw the lights flickering but when he turned to look at them and they were off.

Then about 3 months later Kyle had wardrobes with mirrors on and he just came home from work so he went to bed. As soon as he got in his bed he needed the toilet so he got up and saw a face in the mirror. He went into my mum's room and he was as white as a sheet. My mum asked him "What's wrong Kyle?"
He shuddered then answered "I saw a face in my mirror".
My mum thought he was just tired so she told him "It was probably just your face."
He answered back "Mum, it was an old woman's face." Even though Kyle was 16 he didn't want to go back into his room so he had to stay with my mum that night.

Once we moved into the house, our radio kept going on. If you left the room, it got louder and louder. The odd thing is when it goes louder it normally displays the volume level going up, but when it got louder the display didn't change at all.

The only thing I've got to say now is there is a medium living next door to my Nan and she said I have a little girl, a dog and a guardian angel with me. When my mum showed her a picture of me she pointed out a face in the background.

Nikita, Liverpool, UK
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