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Seeing Grace

Stevie, NC, USA
October 2007

My mother worked the night shift at a hospital and this particular summer I was allowed to come help out with her.

This hospital has many ghosts, but unfortunately only one has made her presence known to me.

It was roughly three am and I was walking down the hallway after checking in with patients. My mother was the only other one there with me and she was a good 15 feet ahead. All of the patients were in bed and sleeping, yet I had the strange feeling that someone was behind me.
Turning around I saw an older woman in a hospital gown. My pulse sped up and my hair stood on end (more from shock than fear though because I knew this ghost wouldn't harm me) as I raced towards my momma and godmother who had just walked through the locked doors to the ward.
My mother, godmother and I are very sensitive to any spirits so they just told me it wasn't anything to worry about.
I feel like "she" was warning me though because no more than 5 minutes later one of our patients that was near death ripped her IV out and was walking down the hall dripping blood.

A few weeks later I was describing this woman to my mother and she looked at me smiling and said "Stevie you saw Grace!" who was a woman who worked at the hospital and actually died in the room the woman who was near death was in....

Thank you for reading this. Just the thought gives me chills now!

Stevie, NC, USA
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