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Seeing Her By The Mirror

Sarah Ash, Surrey, UK
August 2002

It was one night in April 2002 I was in bed with my eyes closed waiting to fall asleep when a picture came into my head. I could see a cobble stoned alleyway which as far as I could see was endless, I could not see where it ended.

Standing at first was a late Victorian woman who was very old with deep wrinkles in her face and hands. She was wearing an old tartan dress that hung down to the floor where it dragged on the cobbles, the bottom was all worn out with bits of thread hanging off.

The woman started walking towards me, down this cobbled alleyway, and as she got close she put her hand out. The hand felt so close to my face that I jumped up in my bed and covered my face. After a couple of seconds I had realized what had actually happened, that I had imagined it. Then the room got sunddenly cold, so cold that I got gosepimples on my arms. I went and got a blanket out of the cupboard and took it back to my room. As I sat down, I pulled the covers over my arms and I looked at the end of my room. I didn't panic, I felt calm, but I saw the same women dressed the same as I saw her in the image/picture in my head. She still had the deep wrinkles indented in her face and she just stood there and stared straight at me. The room was pitch black and yet I could see her in full colour, there wasn't a glow around her and she was not see through like most people say ghosts are, but I knew she was a spirit.

My Family and I know that the house has a spirit. Many things have happened here but this was the first and so far only time I had seen her, she was standing by the mirror with no reflection.

Sarah Ash, Surrey, UK
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