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Seeing It

Angie, CA, USA
December 2003

I want to start this out with what I want you to know before you read my entire story.

I'm 14 years old and still have these experiences. I've had them since I was very young, age 4 at the youngest. I've always had a strong interest for the "paranormal" even though it scares me half to death. Just as I write this, I feel as if the room has dropped several degrees. But I feel as if I should share this. So here it is:

It was about 2 years back, I was sitting in the bathtub (and the water was very hot. The room was also a very comfortable warm) with my arms around my knees. I must note that my younger brother and my dad were both sleeping, both of them in my dad's room. I was just about to get out when something all of a sudden caught my eye. I looked over to where our laundry shoot is (which is just a huge square hole in the wall with two baskets in it. One for whites, one for colors.) and saw a young boy who looked as if he were at the age of 9 or 10. He had blonde hair and wore clothes that looked as if they were to be from the 1940's. He had a white long-sleeved shirt with dark blue pants and suspenders. I was truly terrified, yet I couldn't budge, nor could I scream. My eyes were just glued onto him. It only lasted for a few seconds, even though it felt as if it lasted minutes. Just as I blinked, he disappeared. Very frightened, I jumped out of the tub and didn't even bother drying myself, jumping into my clothes despite of the coldness of the room. I hadn't told anybody about that night. After that night, nothing had happened but I would NOT go back into that bathroom.

After a while, I forgot about the incident and soon started to be comfortable showering in that bathroom (since we have two of them in the house.) But then things started to act up again.

It was probably about 2 months after that night that I had my friend Liz come over. We had just walked out into the living room to watch a movie when we both realized that we had left the DVD in my bedroom (which is down the hallway.)She ran down the hallway, entering my room to retrieve the movie. As I waited, I was sitting down on the yellow couch in my living room, facing the beginning of the hallway. I was looking at some of the pictures of the living room walls when something, again, caught my eye. I quickly looked over at the hallway and saw the same little boy except this time, he had this huge smile on his face and looked as if he was laughing but I couldn't hear anything. He was in running motion, but it was all slow, as if someone had placed time in slow motion. I watched him when my vision seemed to change to where it was as if I was standing in front of the hallway, watching the boy run down it. I watched Liz exit my room with the DVD in hand as the boy vanished. That's when I blinked as I watched Liz enter the living room, staring at me with curiosity. Clearly, horror was shown on my face but I didn't tell her about it.

2 nights after Liz left for home, my brother and I decided to watch a movie in my room. (Since I had just got a new DVD player in there.) I was walking down the hallway (because I had just gotten a drink from the kitchen) and just as I was about to open the door to my room, I looked into my brothers room (which is right across from mine) and saw a tall figure standing there. Instantly, I knew it was a lady, very tall with a long white gown on. She had her hands up in front of her as if she was reading a book. I stared at her and watched as she slowly turned her head to look at me. I stared at her face, which was shockingly featureless. She had no eyes, no mouth, no nose, nothing. Again, I blinked and she vanished. Very startled, I swung my bedroom door open and then closed and immediately told my brother what had happened.

After these 3 experiences, I had never seen these "ghosts" again. Although I haven't, things in my room or in other parts of the house move around or just disappear. Weird things still happen even though I don't see them anymore. It wasn't until about a year later that I told my dad about my experiences. He told me that he believed me because since I was a young child, I told him that I "saw" ghosts all the time and talked to them. He also told me that this house (I still live in the very one that I saw the ghosts!) was built in the 50's. He's also told me that an old lady died here, but that still doesn't explain the little boy and lady that I saw because the lady I saw in my brothers room was in her late 20's. (that was my first instinct when I saw her.)

I've tried looking up history on my house but haven't found anything. But even still, years after my experiences, odd and unusual things happen. Like once I was talking to a friend on the phone. I was in the room right next the front door. I was sitting in this big chair that's in there, sitting still as I talked to my friend when all of a sudden I looked over at the tall book case that was to my left and saw a long piece of yarn that was hanging off one of the zippers on one of the CD cases moving very slowly back and forth. I must note that there was no air circulation going on in the room, the AC nor the heater was on and I was the only one in the house! Or so I thought.

There was also these two different times when I was going to the bathroom (the south bathroom that's in the kitchen of my house. Not the one with the shower in it.) when I turned on the brighter light that's on the ceiling. As I turned it on, a shock of white/blue lightning shot to the ground. All of a sudden not having to use the restroom, I quickly turned off the light and ran into the living room. This very same thing happened to me just a month later.

Just recently, I was reading on a website about "ways to know if your house is haunted" and on the bottom of the list, it said that if you turn on a light, or a lamp, or something that will give off any light of some sort and a shock of a lightning shoots to the ground, it is usually a sign that a ghost is right there, in the room where the light is that you've just turned on.

Just writing about this scares me very badly. And even though it seems as if it's as bad as it gets, I'm also very familiar with the Ouija boards. Every time I play with it with another friend, strong presences surround us and the "eye" of the board moves very quickly, although if two of my friends are playing it and not me, it moves very poorly.

I'm sorry that this is so long, but I just felt like I HAD to get this out of me. I never really talk about it a lot, nor have I ever submitted my experiences to any website like this.

If any of you have had similar experiences as I have, please, contact me at I'd love to hear them. Thanks for reading.

Angie, CA, USA
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