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Shadow of Willowick

Steve Boutin, Tennessee, USA
July 1997

My best friend David and I used to like to go exploring in this neighborhood called Willowick at night because it was a new neighborhood, and didn't have that many street lights. David and I would go into the new houses that were just being built just to see what they looked like.

One night we were camping out in the woods, and decided to head over there. We started walking up a street by two houses under construction that we could get into. There were no street lights at all on this street, and the only light was the moonlight. We were standing on the street, and looked at the first house, and it didn't look like it was "cool," so I looked at the second house while David was still looking at the first and I was shocked because suddenly I saw something or someone like a shadowy figure in the leftmost window of the second story. I asked David if he saw anything, and at first he didn't, but then he got scared and said he saw the same shadowy figure moving towards the middle of the house on the second floor. When it saw both of us looking at us, it disappeared, then we stood there frozen with fear for a moment, and when we looked back at the house, we saw the shadowy figure on the first floor moving towards the door. Then, we started to hear a sound like the door opening, so we both took off and ran about 200 yards to the bottom of the street and around a corner where it was light. We both were almost out of breath, and looked back and saw that the figure was at the corner about 50 yards from us, and there were street lights there, but somehow the figure found a dark spot among them, and started walking at a very fast pace towards us. Neither I nor David knew what to do, so we ran, down a path much darker than where we were, back to my house in a neighborhood opposite Willowick. We never looked back again, and we did not know how long it was following us.

David and I never went back to Willowick after that, in light or dark, and we always talk about it and wonder if the Shadow of Willowick is meant to stay within the housing development, and if it could get us again...

Steve Boutin, Tennessee, USA
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