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Shadow People (2)

October 2003

I am 35 years of age. I am a decorated US Military VET and a Decorated Police Officer, now Decorated Detective. I have passed psychological exams throughout the years. I have a Masters Science Degree in Criminology. In my field you meet lots of crazy people or people who are classified as MHMR or those whom have tried LSD (also known as ACID) this drug stays in your body until death. You can hallucinate at anytime if you have ever used this drug.

I have never used any type of drug. Mental illness does not run in the family. Neither of parents have done drugs ever, due to the occupations that they have held. Both my parents have Doctorate Degrees. Not until recently have I spoke on the subject of Shadow People. I have seen them too. I saw them until age 11-12 and prayed every night not to see them. It was so bad that I would startle my family time after time believing some one had broken in the house. Our house had a door separating the other side of the house. You had to open the door to go towards the kitchen. I would go towards the kitchen a figure that looked like a black silhouette no light reflection of any clothing nor hair. No light reflections of any facial features. The figure would be startled also as I was and it would run, I heard even foot steps. It or they, I only saw one at a time. It would run into the kitchen with no exit and disappear. Calculating the height back then the figures must have been around 5'10- 6 feet.

Let me point out another account. I saw a young child not in recognizable human form (a mist of energy), it was about 3'34-4 feet tall of energy walking (floating)towards me around my bed. I was in total 100% fear a family member was also in the same bed and couldn't see it, it was moving in slow motion like a MIST of twirling energy and when I saw it I knew who it was instantly. I even said the name at the time, the name JIMMY. Jimmy was my best friend in elementary school. This twirling energy didn't even look like JIMMY. It was just a blob of STRANGENESS comming my direction. (The Best way to describe it, I live in TEXAS. It gets very hot. If you look in an angle at the hood of a car or look at concrete or a light color wall you can see the shadow of heat. It looks similar to water waves. The shadow of heat appears to be dark on a light color wall. Reverse it by imagining the wall black and the shadow of heat a light color.)I remember covering my head in total fear with a sheet. It was summer and we were out of school.

When I started back to school a lot of kids at that age would come and go, families moved. The school administrators would have never mentioned that JIMMY passed during the summer, because we were to young. My parents asked because of their curiosity. I bring this story up because this form known as JIMMY was not a Shadow Person. It looked 100% different than the Shadow People.

Some people describing Shadow People HIT IT ON THE NAIL, 100% accuracy that it confirms what I saw. Others, I think they are MHMR or they have experienced something I haven't. I have never seen a shadow on a wall, like PETER PAN. I truly believe some people have intertwined some of the Fairy mythology and Science Fiction TV. The things I saw weren't ever on TV or in the movies. Nothing in the movies ever came close. I was driven to scary movies to try to get validation and never saw it until recently. I saw something in a move that scared me a little, because it came to damn close maybe exactly. The move was called Signs. If the lights were on It might look like that. Understand, I have years of experience and formal training in identification. If my memory is correct imaging the creature that was in the movie SIGNS, standing in the dark with little moon light outside, and it jumps because it's startled by you and runs. If I saw it today as an adult, even being a combat army veteran and seasoned law enforcement officer, I might have a heart attack.

I question anyones mental state if they say they see them all the time. Especially, when they see figures in the dark and they don't call 911. Believe, me when you see one you believe there is an intruder in your home.

Don't get Shadow People confused with your own shadow or an eyelash. You will know if you have ever seen Shadow People without question. I have not seen one as an adult. If I saw one, I would fight it as an intruder. Understand, you can not tell the difference. It's like someone wearing a Water Diving skin tight suit, you can't tell if its male or female nor race and etc. You only see a figure in the dark.

I don't have any idea what, who, where they come from. I can't really say get involved. Dealing with this kinda stuff distracts people from life. It is very hard to balance the two. Anyone who says it's easy is already five steps to the nut house.

I don't recommend that anyone talk publically about spirits, ghost, shadow people, ETs , even GOD without consequence. I recommend under the table in the back room in church (some churches or places of worship), etc.

It's great to have online forums in the privacy of ones home on these subjects. But for me, I can't discuss these subjects but maybe once a year,it is to overwhelming.

I believe that you can train your eyes to see these strange things. I believe it's a misconception that one has to believe. I don't pursue the research. Because, I choose to live a normal closet life. I hope someone investigates, the eyes being able to be trained to see these things. I came to this conclusion based on I can easily see those pictures that people can't see. The pictures are computer generated, It has an assortment of colors. The picture appears to be nothing other than garbled colors. You buy them at novelty shops. People stand there for 10 - 15 min trying to see the shapes in the massive sea of colors. Some people see them, some people don't. But, it is a FACT that the multi dimensional figures are in the picture.

I never put seeing the Shadow People and other strange things in association with these types of pictures until recently. The funny thing I came accross a book of these pictures. Guess what it is called? The Third Eye, I & II & III editions. I got one of the books, I have the ability to see the pictures and the content as quick two-three seconds. I have to adjust my eyes every time I see a different picture. The book has pictures side by side, but it takes sill 2-3 seconds to focus. The Book even trains you to see the objects. Any and everyone can learn how to see the objects in the book.

I realized when I was I was a young kid, It's the same feeling in the eyes. I was trying to focus in the dark. I am focusing the same way when I look at the pictures.

I completed the entire book in less than 5 min seeing all of the objects in the pictures. While my eyes were still fresh after not using the technique for years. I used this technique outside in the sun and believed I saw something (spirt)immediately I went to my regular focus and have not tried it since. I also believe some people can see these things when they are awakened, I don't believe that in all cases that the person may be half-asleep still in dream mode. I believe they are in that state of eye focus. I simply know it will work, I don't have the guts nor time to deal with it.

In 1988, my mom and I saw a talk show. I the subject came up about ghost and UFO, etc. To my surprise she mentioned some encounters. I didn't believe her at all. In fact, it was so detailed and so unbelievable that I called her a liar, because I know she is a stable person. But, I was wrong, my mom doesn't read about stuff like that nor did we have the Internet in 1988. Well, I am shocked! I saw on a website what she described all those years ago, and I didn't want to listen. People need to continue to send in pictures and descriptions. It really does change lives for the better. She claimed to see a man in a coat with a hat (spirit) and children playing (spirits) in the house at night time. The usumed male adult spirit became aware my mom was awake and the spirit walked up to the side of my mother's bed and bent down and saw my mom's eyes open. He went immediately invisible. The children immediately were startled and went invisible. She could tell gender but not race nor clear features.

I'll end with this, I noticed early on that light decreases the chances in seeing the Shadow People. All of these years I have always slept with the lights on. Remember, what I said about eye focus. Since the age 11, the lights have been on. That's when it stopped.

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