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Shadow Person By My Crib

Lance Oliver, TX, USA
December 2004

Hello, As the years go by, I'm finally feeling more comfortable about sharing some of my most scary childhood experiences...

As oddly coincidental as it is, my wife and I've had a shared fascination with the paranormal ever since seeing a shadow person in our respective rooms as infants. She grew up and had her experiences in Salem, Oregon. I, on the other hand, grew up in a sleepy little town in Texas called Tyler.

My parents had bought a very large old home in Tyler, where I was raised until moving to Dallas in the third grade. I don't know how young I was at the time of my first experience but I do remember looking through the slats of the crib where I lay. Across the room I saw this dark shape standing there. It was suddenly there. Whether it had come through a window or the closet, I can't say for sure. The room was on the second story of the house and I knew it hadn't come through the door.

Anyway, I have a very hard time remembering exactly what happened but the figure was darkly clothed... maybe wearing a long cloak with a hood or a veil over that face. It really scared the hell out of me as it stood there staring. For some reason, I don't know why, I thought of it as a female, though I don't recall hearing a voice nor clearly seeing a face.

After that I think something may have happened to me that scared me so bad I'm unable to remember. It may have rushed over to the crib and done something... That's it. The rest of it is a cloud of forgetfulness. The next day I know I asked my mother if my grandmother was visiting (she wore black a lot). She wasn't, and part of me knew it wasn't her anyway. I suppose my mind was fighting to grasp at a logical and safe explanation.

There was none.

When I was a few years older, living in a different room of the house, I also had the feeling of something dark suddenly being in the room with me. I got really scared and turned over in the bed to face away from whatever it was, pulling the covers up over my head. I have the strong impression that something grabbed or touched me with an electrical shocking sensation. At that point, I think I blacked out. Sometime later, it felt like I was dropped down into the bed from a foot or more up in the air.

Where shadow people and abductions meet in the netherworld I don't know. Other than the fragments of what I've shared, I really don't know what exactly happened. Perhaps one day I can find a good hypnotherapist that can help me recall more completely what went on. Until then, these memories will remain some of the most darkly mysterious events in my life...

I welcome any discussion regarding these events and other experiences.

Lance Oliver
Denton Area Paranormal Society (DAPS)

Lance Oliver, TX, USA
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