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Shadows Can Hurt

Russell, MA, USA
October 2001

It was a year ago on this very day when the shadows decided to come and I'll never forget that very night.

I lived in a small town near Boston, Massachusetts it was a nice town people were kind and I was a smart kid, every one knew me. They didn't know about my secret that something was in my house, but I knew and I'll never forget when they came for me.

The day started like every other day. I went downstairs and decided to have the usual in the morning on a Sunday, some bacon and eggs really hit the spot. My parents were out in the morning they were running some errands with my younger brother and sisters. I sat there at the table watching some television and then I heard some footsteps, low toned and slow footsteps which wasn't new to me. So I ignored the sound.

I finished my breakfast and it was about eleven o'clock in the morning so i took a shower and got dressed, I heard the door open downstairs and looked out my window, but I didn't see my mother's car so I went downstairs to check it out. As I was walking down my stairs I heard an eerie, whisper in my ear which made my hair stand on end. I ran down the stairs as fast as I could not looking back I reached the front door and opened it as quick as I could. I forgot to call my friend, but decided not to go back in the house until my family comes home so I went up to his house.

(This happened to me in the past and I have always felt like something was in my house. I tried to tell my parents, but they didn't believe me they just thought I was hearing things. None of them have heard the things I heard in the house when they're alone so that made me feel like an outsider.)

I called my house to see if my parents were home and they were I told them I was at my friend's house and I'll probably sleepover, but they said no.(Something I wished they didn't do) I showed up to my house at about six thirty and then ate supper. I washed up went on the Internet and went to bed at about nine thirty. I went in my room and got ready for bed. I put on some good music and did the homework that was due the next day.

I started to get really tired and decided to get into my bed and watch some television. I sat down and covered myself with some blankets. I watched some television and then the electricity went out which was odd enough because there was no storms or anything. I sat there in bed cursing at myself when a cold breeze came by which I thought was odd. Then it started to happen. I saw something in the corner of my eye, it looked like a shadow and it was walking around me. Then another one, so now there was two circling me. I felt scared. The shadows began to get closer and I heard the heavy breathing of something coming at me and snarling. I sat there scared and confused trying to get to the door, but they wouldn't let me go near the door. Then I felt this heated pain in my side which made me scream. The same pain happened all over my body and then I felt something hard hit my head. The next thing I knew was that I was lying on the floor.

The eerie light of the morning sent a surge of happiness through my body. I got up and limped all the way downstairs my parents were sitting on the couch they looked at me and gasped in horror. There was a huge bloody bump on my head and a scratches on my face. There was blood on my shirt and a hole there where I felt the pain. I asked them on the way when they took me to the hospital " Didn't you guys hear me fall last night?" They just looked at me and said no. So when I got to the hospital they cleaned me up and they asked me questions about what happened last night and I told them that I fell on something in my room when the lights were. The doctor said ok and I left.

A few days after I heard my mom talking to one of her friends about what happened to me. I went up to her and told her friend that I had fallen when the electricity went off. My mom looked at me and said,"When did the electricity go off?"

I have never spoken of that night again until now.

Russell, MA, USA
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