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Shaking Bed (3)

January 2006

I currently live in the old farm house I once lived in previously with my parents from age 12 to 18. I am now 44 years old. My parents rented this house at the time and lived in it for 15+ years, 15 years ago. I remembered as a young teen hearing my parents speak of their bed shaking in their bedroom on a few different occasions when they were solely alone and separate from each other. During this past summer after the death of my Daddy I learned this house was vacant and up for rent. Being next door to my Mom's house which she has now owned for 15 years I decided to move close by to watch after her since she is now alone.

When I moved in to the house my family and I began reminiscing about the house when we lived there long ago. I asked my mom to tell my children (ages 24 & 25) about hers and Daddy's encounter with "a ghost" as I laughed. She too laughed and went on to explain that the first time she felt it (the bed shake) and had mentioned to my Daddy she had learned that he too had experienced the same thing but never told her because he didn't want to scare or alarm her in any way. Neither of my parents were one to believe in ghosts or the supernatural. My mom always tried to think of normal explanation of why such a thing would occur, but Daddy never said a word as to what his thoughts ever were about it, he would only smile and kind of laugh about it too.

Well, though it sounded harmless enough, my children have been scared of the house since I moved in and said it feels creepy and no one ever wants to be left alone there at night. I, on the other hand, feel perfectly safe in my cozy old country house, though the upstairs does feel a little spooky whenever I have to go up there.

I moved into this house in May of this year and had not given any more thought to what my parents told me of long ago and always laughed at the kids for being spooked by whatever.

Well, the strangest thing happened this week (12/05/05) around midnight. I was asleep, lying on my right side when I felt the bottom of my bed begin to shake! I sat up and looked down at the bottom of the bed and could actually see my covers vibrating to the shaking motion. I hollered at my daughter who was just in the next room watching television, to hurry and come look at my bed shaking! She came in "hesitantly" as I pointed down at the foot of the bed where you could still see the bed actually shaking back and forth (not violently by no means), but as soon as she got close enough to focus her eyes down there it stopped as if it never happened. I was in shock but did not feel frightened at all (as I recalled my mom always saying that whatever it was, she knew it wasn't bad). I did not sense anything bad at all and was somewhat excited by what had just taken place in the same room and same place my mom and dad's bed sat some 25 years ago when I lived here as a little girl.

Nothing has happened since then, but I am very curious as to what it is that has been shaking the beds in that room for such a long time?

What are your thoughts? Any ideas??

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