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Sharing The House

Anonymous, NSW, Australia
February 2012

My friends have recently moved to Orange, N.S.W into a beautifully built triple brick home. The house was built in the 1800’s by the original owning family and has since been used as a bed and breakfast before being turned into a split terrace. The house originally had 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms before being split down the middle, so both sides are an exact replica. There are doors that join the houses together but have been locked on both sides to prevent any future renters walking through to the other side of the house.

My partner and I were thinking of moving so we stayed at their house for a few nights to get a feel for the area and the house before we make our decision.

Upon entering the house, we immediately felt a welcoming vibe and made ourselves at home. We stayed up until about 11 on the first night as both my friends had to work the following day. Before going to sleep, I went through the house and made sure all the doors were locked. Upon entering the kitchen, 2 of the unused kitchen draws were opened. Thinking nothing of it, I shut them and asked my partner if he had been in the kitchen and he replied he hadn’t been in there, so there was no reason for the draws to be opened.

My partner and I then proceeded to bed where we heard a woman talking in the house next door (no one currently lives on the other side) and a few bars of music playing.

The next morning, I rose before my partner. My friends had already left for work so I was the only one up. I was using the downstairs bathroom and had the door open so I could keep an eye on the cat which was laying in the hallway. The cat immediately started breathing quicker so I was talking to him when I heard some one walk down the stairs. (The stairs are quite squeaky and you can hear when a human/something with a solid mass walks down them but not when the cats do).

Thinking my partner was awake, I called out "Is that you?" and got no reply. I heard the footsteps walk into the living room and stop. I was still calling out my partner’s name and getting no reply. I then went upstairs to our bedroom and found my partner still asleep. Seeing that, I woke him up with an "Oh,get stuffed". This experience creeped me out a little, but I felt no harm was going to be done.

On the second night, we had a large storm which caused us to lose power for a few hours. We had a feeling we weren’t alone in the house, so we decided to take some photos which produced quite a few orbs. We all went out for a smoke, and as soon as we rounded the corner of the verandah, we saw a lady dressed in a white, old style tunic standing at the other end, on the other part of the house. Whilst we were talking we again heard music and talking through the walls, coming from the unoccupied side of the house. I also had the presence of a man in an old suit and top hat appear, and he looked quite happy, complete with the smell of a cologne. Relaying this to my friend, he said he had a similar experience, through a dream where he actually was this man.

On the day we were leaving, I thanked my friends and the "others" in the house for having us and making us feel quite welcome in their home. My friend then sent me a message saying after we left, all the lights turned on upstairs when no one was up there.

Anonymous, NSW, Australia
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