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Anonymous, USA
October 2015

This happened about two weeks ago, my father who was at an old lodge (About 150 years old plus 200 year old club was the owner of the place) decided to play his bagpipes. He was just about to play them until he took out his phone. He typed his pass code and then was open. Weird. It had the word "silence" and the definition, kind of creepy. To respect the *dead* he put his bagpipes away and headed home.

A week later I was in my room about to play some music when the same thing happened to me. I opened up my phone and the word "silence" was on I brushed it off. Until I was in bed then I remembered my fathers story. This scared me. I have never been in a paranormal situation (even if it is one) I was almost in tears.

I woke up the next day at 3:00 am (Isn't that the haunting hour?) and I heard a man scream, not a long scream but a short one, almost like he was meaning to scream or to play a joke on someone, I first thought is was my brother until I heard him getting into bed. I stood up and went to his room and asked him if he screamed and he replied, "No."

Around 8:00 am at breakfast my brother was telling me of a nightmare he had, a graphic nightmare. One of which all of his family was murdered.

I honestly don't know if this is just a coincidence or not, but It was scary. Try putting yourself in my shoes and I have never experienced a "paranormal thing" until now.

Anonymous, USA
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