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Small Black Figure

Christine Barber, FL, USA
February 2001

This all began when I was spending the night over a friend's house. It was the first time I was spending the night with her, and her mom and step- father were out, so it we were a bit giddy about the whole concept, after all, we were a whopping 15 years old.

Her house seemed a bit older than I was used to, and had some rustic furniture in it, but above all, it was just DIFFERENT than any other home I had experienced. I just shook it off as the new feeling of a new place and left it at that.

We were getting ready to make a dinner for ourselves, and my friend was washing up some dishes in the sink. Directly behind the sink there is an island in the kitchen. I was just standing in the middle of their all-connected kitchen, dining room and living room (L-shaped).

All of a sudden I saw a small black figure, which resembled that of a midget. He appeared in front of the island behind my friend, who was busy silently doing dishes (the TV was on for added background noise) and not taking notice to what was happening. He was looking inquisitively around the room, almost as if he was looking for something. I just stared in disbelief at the little person in my friend's house. He just walked through the island as if it was not even there and continued looking all around, twisting his head around as if looking over the home. All of a sudden he turned to me and saw me staring at him and he kind of jumped, as if he was startled to see me. It was honestly very strange, as if we were scared of each other. He then hurriedly walked through a wall that led outside.

My friend turned around and saw me pale as anything and asked what happened. I told her about it, and she believed me. We were not scared at all of this, just found it a bit disturbing as to why this visitor came and what he was looking for.

Christine Barber, FL, USA
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