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Smoking Silhouette

Johnny D, WA, USA
June 2003

Well, sad to say, I really don't know the history of my house. But yesterday, (5/27), something strange kept happening. It wasn't the first time for me to keep nervous in my house.

For instance, I had entered our living room to hear my dog barking outside. I went to yell out him, only to find the radio on. I had been in that part of the house earlier and it hadn't been on. My brothers were upstairs, and I never used it. I turned it off and ran out.

Later that same day, I was going upstairs around midnight with a glass of water. I suddenly felt something watching me. I quickly turned on the lights just to make sure, but saw nothing. After watching some TV, I climb into bed and try to fall asleep.

At about 12:30, my brother leaves the upstairs rec room and heads for his room. I never heard him enter his room, though. I sensed something was outside my door. I laid still, watching my door. I saw a silhouette of a man. He looked as though he was smoking; I saw wisps of smoke and the embers of a lit cigarette.

I didn't know whether to scream, cry, or hide. All I know is that the second my brother opened his door to leave his room(yes, he did enter his room during this), I nearly jumped out of my skin because of it.

You've all probably heard this, but seriously, I've never felt so scared in my life untill last night. Being a 16 year old, perhaps school is getting to me.. why not tell my parents? They may send me to the happy house. But yea... It's seriously not the first time I've had encounters like that here.. I just wish I knew why this was happening only to me.

Thanks for reading.

Johnny D, WA, USA
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