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Some Experiences

Georgia, USA
March 1999

Irecently realised that I have had many "psychic experiences" in my life but I am only just now understanding that that's what they were/are. As a result of learning more about psychic phenomena, I am more conscious of these events when they occur. Just to give a few examples:

My sister and I had our tonsils out at the same time and stayed in the same hospital room. Our mother slept in our room the night after the surgery and in the middle of the night, about 3:00 am, the TV in the room suddenly turned itself on and began flipping channels rapidly. It did not stop until my mom got up and unplugged it. The next day the hospital had a repairman come in and look at it and he was baffled as to why it would have done that. At the time we just shrugged it off and I know I never gave it another thought. I don't think we ever even mentioned it much after that - not from fear but because we gave it so little importance. Now I think perhaps there was something in the room trying to get our attention. Hospitals are notorious for having spirits about, since so many people pass over there.

My grandmother was in a coma before she died and I heard her talking to me the day before she passed. She was very comforting and assured me that while she had been ill, she was better now. I was awakened from sleep when I heard her and for a couple of years I believed I had had the strangest dream... For about a year after her death I also saw shadows out of the corner of my eye whenever I was in my house. They drove me crazy. I even complained to a doctor about them when I was seeing him for another reason. He was, of course, not able to explain them. I only recently discovered that this is how many people see spirits.

My latest experience has got me a little puzzled. I was asleep and dreaming, and suddenly I was jerked from sleep by the terrifying thought that someone besides my husband was in my bedroom. I sat up in bed and for a brief instant I saw (or thought I saw) a being standing near the side of my bed, toward the foot. It was extremely tall, maybe 6 1/2 or 7 feet, dressed in a flowing white garment and had short dark hair. The right hand was raised to its temple in a gesture I would describe as surprised, as if I wasn't supposed to have awakened and seen it. The room was dark and this creature emitted no light, so the face was not readily discernable. I did not get any sense of fear, or love or evil from this, and it was gone in the blink of an eye, leaving me to wonder if I actually saw it or not. I think, though, that I have too much detail for it to have been my imagination. Who or what was it? Why was it there? I can't say I am eager to have it return even if I am curious.

Georgia, USA
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