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Something Ain't Quite Right

NSW, Australia
June 2002

Recently, well 6 months ago to be exact, my boyfriend and I moved to a coastal town north of Sydney. Co-incidence or not we moved from a place right next door to a Church, to another house right next door to a church. I'm not sure if this has any relevance or not, but strange none the less.

The first night of our stay in our new house we were met by some strange noises. Now, my boyfriend being extremely tired from the move had fallen asleep for once before I had. We had the mattress on the floor in the upstairs bedroom as we hadn't had time to assemble our bed before the tiredness hit. About 10mins after getting into bed, I heard the doors and drawers of the kitchen being repeatedly opened and closed, well slamming actually. I was completely rooted to the spot that I couldn't wake my boyfriend.

Initially I thought it must have been an intruder or squatter that hadn't realised that the house was now occupied. As soon as I got the courage to move and wake my boyfriend, the noise stopped completely and the most eeriest silence fell over the house.

I let this experience pass to perhaps over tiredness on my behalf from the move and never mentioned or thought of it again. That was until about 4 weeks ago.

Again at night I was upstairs brushing my teeth with the Bathroom door wide open. Just so you get the feel of the house, you have to walk pass the bathroom at the top of the stairs to get into one of the two main bedrooms. The vanity is side on to the door, so I was not looking directly at the door. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and then saw what I thought was my boyfriend walk into the bedroom, so I of course, started talking away for perhaps 2 or 3 minutes and got no response. I knew he was in the bedroom because I was looking directly at his shadow moving around in there from the throw of light coming out of the doorway. Thinking he was playing a game or just basically ignoring me I walked into our bedroom, and no-one was there. I got the worst chill that sent goose bumps all over my head and straight down my back. Slowly I walked downstairs and there was my boyfriend asleep (in total quietness) on the lounge. I woke him and told him what happened and he just laughed it off. That was until a couple of nights ago when he confided in me that he keeps seeing streaks of white light in our bedroom, day or night. Needless to say I got an apology for his laughter regarding my experience.

Continuously I will see things out of the corner of my eye or walk through a very HOT spot on the stairs. Everyone who comes to our place notices this spot. I thought paranormal spots should be cold.

I don't feel threatened just very uncomfortable if I am on my own. I'm not too sure if we should move, but I don't think this presence if harmful... just perhaps curious.

NSW, Australia
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