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Something In The Walls

Kat, Ontario, Canada
June 2004

While I can't be certain this story was the result of something paranormal...I certainly hope I don't experience it again!

This happened when I was around 12/13 years old (I'm in my early 20's now) and we had just moved into a new house my father had built, he was a contractor so he built houses and we could then live in them for a subsidized rate.
This is what I think makes it even stranger, becuase it was a new house.

Things started off weird not too long after we moved in. I liked it at first becuase I had a nice, big room all to myself - before I had to share with my younger sister, but it was only a matter of time before I started feeling uneasy. You know when you get that feeling, where you feel spooked and you just can't explain it? Well I spent many nights, huddled under my blanket, unable to sleep this way. In fact, the feeling was so strong, I began sleeping with my small bedside lamp left on, the darkness had never been a problem for me before.

Then, after a little while, we started finding small white worms everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE, in the plants, in the sugar, in the shower, in the bread box, in the bird cage. No one could figure out where they were coming from or the reason they were there and they seemed to go away for a while, only to return a week or 2 later. This continued until we moved out.

Then came the most eerie thing of all, one night when I was once again trying to sleep without success. In my room, right over my bed, the roof slanted downwards a bit - and up this slant I heard something walking. It seemed to walk right to the edge of the ceiling, stop, and then go straight down the inside of the wall! I can not even describe the sheer feeling of absolute creepiness I felt as I heard that thing walking vertically down the inside of my wall. It was like I stopped breathing and I was totally frozen with fear. I know it sounds like I overreacted, but I have never heard anything like that in my whole life. So of course the first thing I do the next morning is tell my Dad. Well obviously he says it was mice, or some type of small animal. Well, now living in Toronto, I have had mice, rats and even lived for 6 months with raccoons inhabiting the space above my apartment and it sounded NOTHING like those animals. I knew that at the time too...I mean there was something not right about the way this thing sounded... but I wrote it off as my imagination playing tricks on me, but it wouldn't be the last time I heard it.

It actually became quite a common occurance, and often it sounded like there was more than one thing walking. I don't know how to describe it - it sounded bigger than any animal I can think off, but a little smaller than a full grown man. The main thing I would hear was bumps behind the wall in one certain corner, and a light thumping noise. Sometimes it would sound like someone dragging a....stick(??) or something along the far wall. The most disturbing thing I would hear though, was things running straight up the wall. It even gives me goose bumps now.

Eventually my family decided to move, something I was thankful for, I wouldn't miss my bedroom! But one last thing happened before we left, something me and my sister, still don't know how to explain.

In my bedroom ceiling was also the entrance to the attic, but the attic was unfinished, and we had no use for it, so the entrance was just a big, heavy chunk cut out of the ceiling. If you stood on a chair and pushed, you sould open it, but that was the only way, it had no latch, nothing. So my sister and I were sitting on my bed having a chat, when suddenly out of nowhere the panel came flying up and then CRASHED back down with such total violence. I just remember both of us screaming blue murder and racing downstairs to our mom. She said "maybe it was the wind" haha I don't think so...but I don't know any way to explain it.

So that's my story, nothing too out worldly, but it still gives me the creeps when I think about it...even though I have no explanation, I mean, it was a new house!

The town was incredibly old, maybe it was built over something...or maybe it was nothing, guess I'll never know, just glad I don't live there anymore.

Kat, Ontario, Canada
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