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Something Is Here

Katie, USA
April 2002

Well, you might think that some of these experiences are just things that you would brush off your shoulder, and just call weird, but please keep reading until the very end.

It was about the year 2000 when some strange things started to happen to me...
The first thing I thought that was uncanny was that I have this music box that never plays. No matter how much I toy with it, it never plays. One day I was out shopping with my mother and when we came home, we could here a tune being played ("somewhere out there" was the tune) from the book shelf in the living room. The music box was playing. My mom and I definitely thought it was weird, but for the most part, just brushed it off our shoulders.

The next weird thing was that...well...let me tell you something. I love candles. I love everything about them. There color, there design, there smell, there flame ect. Getting back to the point, I love to keep them in my bed room. I was out shopping again and when I get home and I go to my room, all the candles that I had out were all lit. Now, this incident, i didn't just brush off my shoulder so quickly. Now I was thinking something was going on that I did not know about at the time.

The next incident was a really big one were I had just gotten into my bed (this is about two weeks later than the last incident) and shut off the lights. I like to lay in my bed for a while, thinking about the day before I drift off to sleep. Well this particular night, I didn't drift off to sleep so easy. When I was laying there, I saw a shadow of some sort kind of drift into my room. It was all black, but you could see it had the outline of a man with a hat and a cape. He stood there at the end of my bed, I felt a sense of being looked at. I was so scared, I was frozen with fear. After a while of standing and looking at me, "it" disintegrated. I don't think I got any sleep that night.

Katie, USA
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