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Something Outside The Tent

Bianca, New Zealand
October 2015

What I’m about to tell is a true story, and it still creeps me out to this day.

I was about 10 years old and me and my four friends were having a sleepover at my friends house. She lived on a farm and had a huge back lawn surrounded by trees and a pond. We thought it’d be cool to camp outside, so we set up a small tent out on the lawn outside the back of their house.

We watched a sad movie about this lady who dies of cancer, then we went outside to go to bed. As we were getting into the tent my friend said "guys I feel like sometime weird is going to happen tonight", and I was like "what?! don’t say that, you’re creeping me out". My other friend agreed. "Yeah after that movie I feel a bit strange".

We discussed going and sleeping inside, but decided we were just being silly, and went into the tent. After some girly conversations we eventually all fell asleep. It was about 2am and I suddenly found myself awake. My friends were all fast asleep, and I tried to get back to sleep but couldn’t.

As I was lying there I suddenly heard footsteps outside the tent, next thing I knew I heard heavy breathing right outside the tent. I just lay there, making sure I didn’t move. I thought maybe it’s a cow that’s escaped or something, but my thoughts were interrupted by an eerie growling sound. The temperature suddenly dropped in the tent, and I was frozen with fear, I remember thinking "this is not right." I just lay there for about 20mins listening to the noises making their way all around the tent. I don’t remember but I must’ve drifted back to sleep.

In the morning I immediately told my friends, they were scared and one of my friends said she heard something strange in the night too. We asked their brothers if they were playing a prank on us, but they said no way. I went home later, and saw my mom, the first thing she said to me was "how was your night, did anything weird happen?", I was shocked and asked "why?", she said "well at about 2am last night I woke up and felt the need to pray for you guys". I told her the story and she couldn’t believe it. To this day it still intrigues me and scares me, I haven’t been camping anywhere that’s not populated since. That was 10 years ago now but me and my friends still talk about it to this day...

Bianca, New Zealand
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