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Somethings There

Jared, MA, USA
August 2002

This story is an entirely true account of me and my friend's experiences.

It was spring break 2002. I had a couple of friends over to hang out. I believe, they are both sensitive to spirits and other-worldly going-ons. I found this out at one of my friends party's. Jess had thrown a party on New Years Eve and we decided to stay up the whole night. Both Jess and Russ (the 2 friends) were seriously getting vibes from spirits in the room. Russell didn't know that her house was haunted but he figured it out pretty fast. OK but thats their psychic background basically. Back to the story...

We were listening to music in my bedroom, when we heard a noise coming from the attic. My attic is a walk-up attic, and has 2 parts, one is finished, and the other is unfinished. The unfinished half is directly above my bedroom. We decided to have some fun with a Ouija board. We brought it up into the attic and put it down where we though the noise had been coming from. That was probably one of the most stupid things I'd ever done.

We started off like the usual, you know just asking random questions joking around, having fun. We decided to stop for a little while and we moved the Ouija board into the finished part of the attic, which isn't directly above my room. We talked to a spirit for half an hour and then stopped and went back downstairs. Then Russell and Jess started to get weird feelings from the attic...

We brought the Ouija board back up and started talking again. Only this time, the board was going crazy. We didn't experience this the first time. The board was giving incoherent answers and we weren't asking questions. The pointer also kept moving in circle and figure eight patterns. Russ just kind of blurted out "there's a man with an axe isn't there?" THe Ouija board moved extremely fast to the yes. Then we all got feelings of pins and needles, and something poking the skin. Then we asked how many spirits were in the room and it said 4.

By now all of us were really excited and were getting extreme chills. The pins and needles kept going, and got more intense as we asked more questions about the guy with the axe. (This is where is gets freaky and is kind of hard to explain so stick with me.)

Jess then said "there's someone standing on the stairs, watching us... isn't there?" The board once again moved to yes. There was also a spirit that all three of us picked up on. (i really don't consider myself psychic, so it was kind of odd for me.)

This spirit was running around the room screaming like an institutionalized madman. Imagine the jackal from the 13 ghosts movie minus the killing and you'd have what was in my attic. After we picked up on this spirit and asked about it, the attic suddenly got extremely hot. This wouldn't be caused from the temperature outside because it was cold out and the attic is always extremely cold. We all felt the sudden heat increase and we smelled the scent of heat itself. Russell claimed to be hearing whispers and telling us what they were saying. Then we all got really scared, the heat was extremely intense and footsteps echoes through the entire attic. We rubbed the pointer over goodbye and flipped the board.

We all stood up to run out of the attic, still feeling pins and needles. Then a rush of freezing cold air came right into the attic. NO doors or windows were open, and the attic is not connected to the house's heating system. The temperature must've suddenly dropped at least 50 degrees, and you could tell because jess was "cold." (no offense to the females out there) We ran down those stairs, slammed the door behind us, and we haven't gone back up into that attic since. Every now and then we'll still hear the footsteps from my room, and feel the presence of something watching us from above. The Ouija board, still lies up in the attic, upside down, to my knowledge. We're all way too scared to go even near the attic door. Even though it occasionally opens and closes by itself.

Once again I'd like to state this is entirely true, and even though it may not seem scary to you, it still freaks us out entirely. We're not ghost hunters or anything like that. We were just some teens looking to have fun, and ended up causing a whole lot of hell for us.

Jared, MA, USA
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