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Sounds of Speakers

Lilly Forsepen, Iowa, USA
August 1997

It was a late night and I decided to head for the University for some extra studying time. I had just gone into the library when over the P.A. system came a shaky but quiet voice. It warned me to evacuate the school immediately. So I thought, what nonsense...It's probably one of my good friend's playing a joke on me. As I walked through the long hallway, I saw a light coming towards me...Then suddenly I heard footsteps running along the cold, tile floor of the corridor. I started to scream and I ran out of the building. When I got home, I phoned the police, to see if there was any record of suicides or murders in my University, Police Officer Jones Renolds informed me that 40 years ago, a student had a chemistry accident, and died from 1st degree burns. The next few nights, I thought I had been dreaming that night so I returned to the University. The 7th night I was reading a text book in the library when I heard the shaky voice over the P.A. system again. The same voice as last time. I laughed in amusement and continued reading. All of a sudden, there appeared in front of me, a burnt body of a kid that had been there 40 years ago, I got up and ran as far as I could, never ever looking back, never ever thinking that I could be the second victim.

Lilly Forsepen, Iowa, USA
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