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South Texas Ghosts

Joanna Blonigen, TX, USA
October 2004

Last years ago I had to do a report on Hispanic culture, and one of the topics was ghost stories, so I asked my Grandma for a few.

The first one involves my great-grandfather, back in the 20's. I'm not sure exactly where he lived, but there was a road he had been warned not to ride on at night, or the "haunts" would get him.

One night he had to run to the store for something. It was light when he started out, but by the time he headed back the sun was setting. He pushed his horse down the forbidden road, hoping to make it home before dark. The sun set about halfway there, and with the setting of the sun, teams of evil red eyes appeared in the bushes. Wierd cries came out of the dark, pushing the horse into a frenzy of terror. The next time my great-grandad had to go somewhere late at night he always took the long way.

The next two take place in the town my grandpa lived in in the early 30's.

The town was deserted a few years later and no longer exists. One of the reasons was that, every so often, a woman dressed in white would walk down from the sky, hobble down the main street with a cane, and diappear. There was also a gate that would make noises like teeth grinding if you walked by it at night alone.

My grandpa shot at the noise once, but nothing happened.

The third story left my cousin very scared of driving at night.

One night he was driving home when he saw a lady wearing a hooded cloak walking down the road. He stopped to offer her a ride, as the next town was quite a long way off. When he looked up into her "face" there was nothing but a pair of red eyes. He stepped on the gas, and when he looked back she was gone.

We think it might have been the "Donkey Lady" of South Texas, but in that case he would have seen a donkey's head instead.

Hope you liked this little bit of South Texas culture!

Joanna Blonigen, TX, USA
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